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NOTE on Monday 18 June 17:30 the FRESCO meeting will take place, all are welcome!

Monday 18 June – Pentland Suite


Plenary Session – Keynote lectures

08:30 Jennifer Fehrenbacher

The geochemistry of planktic foraminifera Neogloboquadrina dutertrei and its utility in paleoceanographic reconstructions: Lessons from culture experiments

09:00 Elisabeth Alve

Advances in Foraminiferal Biomonitoring

09:30 Tine Lander Rasmussen

Food is good – if temperature is right: Most North Atlantic benthic foraminiferal species at intermediate water depth respond to temperature more than to food changes


10:00 – 11:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Monday 18 June – Prestonfield room


Session III – Biomineralisation and geochemistry of Proxies-Field calibrations Laboratory culture and Paleo oceanographic reconstructions

Conveners: Jonathan Erez, Lennart de Nooijer, Takashi Toyofuku


11:00 Jonathan Erez, Itay Cohen, David Evans, Nicola Allison, Zvy Dubinsky

Foraminifera and corals show similar calcification mechanisms

11:15 Jarosław Tyszka, Ulf Bickmeyer, Markus Raitzsch, Jelle Bijma, Jan Goleń, Karina Kaczmarek, M. Janse

Morphogenesis and biomineralisation of foraminiferal tests: Dynamics of cytoskeletal structures

11:30 Alex Gagnon

Role of Specific Ion Transport in Foram Biomineralization

11:45 Yurika Ujiié, Yoshiyuki Ishitani, Shun’ichi Ishii, Yukiko Nagai, Yoshihiro Takaki, and Takashi Toyofuku

Transcript assembly and quantification by RNA-Seq identifies candidate genes for foraminiferal biomineralization of Ammonia beccarii

12:15 Esmee Geerken, Lennart de Nooijer, Takashi Toyofuku, Anne Roepert, Lubos Polerecky, Gert-Jan Reichart

Calcite precipitation rate in foraminiferal calcite and impact on element incorporation

12:30 Inge van Dijk, Christine Barras, Gert-Jan Reichart, Shai Oron, David Evans, Wolfgang Müller, Aurélia Mouret

Incorporation of manganese in benthic foraminifera with contrasting calcification strategies

12:45 Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Giuliana Panieri, Jochen Knies, Simone Sauer

Modern benthic foraminifera from active methane pockmarks in the Arctic: relationships between the distribution and isotopic signature of fauna and pore water geochemistry


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Patrick Grunert, Werner E. Piller, Yair Rosenthal, Frans Jorissen

A link between evolutionary modification of biomineralisation and Mg-incorporation in Bulimina species?

14:15 William R Gray, Syee Weldeab, David W Lea, Yair Rosenthal, Niki Gruber, Barbara Donner, Gehard Fischer

The effects of temperature, salinity, and the carbonate system on Mg/Ca in planktic foraminifera Globigerinoides ruber (white): A global sediment trap calibration’.

14:30 Manuel F. G. Weinkauf, Joanna J. Waniek, Torsten Vennemann, Rossana Martini

The impact of shell calcification on the stable isotope composition of planktonic Foraminifera shells

14:45 Chiara Borrelli, Giuliana Panieri

Melonis barleeanus is a calcareous and (facultative) agglutinated foraminifera


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Session II – Advances in Foraminiferal Geochemistry

Conveners: Howie Spero, Jelle Bijma


16:00 Toyofuki Takashi

Fantastic voyage to the cellular functions of foraminiferal chamber formation.

16:15 Haojia Ren,
Anna Christina Ravelo and Daniel Sigman

Calibrating planktonic foraminifera shell-bound nitrogen isotopes for reconstructing past changes in marine nitrogen cycle.

16:30 Anna Jentzen, Dirk Nürnberg, Edmund Hathorne, Klaus Jochum, Jan Leitner, Joachim Schönfeld and Ralf Schiebel

Mg/Ca and δ18O in living planktic foraminifers from the water column.

16:45 Lorna Kearns, G.L. Foster, J.A. Milton and T.H.G. Ezard

Stable isotopes and trace element variability between morphotypes of Globigerinoides ruber.

17:00 Caitlin Livsey, Reinhard Kozdon, Dorothea Bauch and Howard Spero

Investigating ontogenetic calcite δ18O and Mg/Ca variability in Neogloboquadrina pachyderma.

17:15 Inge Van Dijk, Lennart de Nooijer and Gert-Jan Reichart

Sulfur incorporation in foraminifera: Effect of Mg content.

17:30 – 18:30 Poster Session in South Hall

Monday 18 June – Pentland West room


Session IV – Advances in Foraminiferal Biomonitoring

Conveners: Frans Jorissen, Joachim Schoenfeld, Silvia Spezzaferri


11:00 Noortje Dijkstra, Steffen Aagaard-Sørensen and Juho Junttila

Foraminiferal responses to drill cutting releases in the SW Barents Sea

11:15 Noémie Deldicq, Vincent Bouchet, Yann Méar, Noémie Baux and Jean-Claude Dauvin

Benthic foraminifera to assess ecological quality status in the salmon farm of the “Rade de Cherbourg” (France)

11:30 Silvia Hess, Lars Birkeland Sjetne and Elisabeth Alve

Does aquaculture activity have an impact on the benthic environment? – A study from Hardangerfjorden (SW Norway)

11:45 Briz Parent, Christine Barras and Frans Jorissen

Optimised method to concentrate living benthic foraminifera (Rose Bengal stained) from sandy sediment by means of high density liquids

12:15 Margarette Bayron-Arcelay, Kyara Rodriguez-Camacho and Dimaris Acosta-Mercado

Morphological response of benthic foraminifera to sediment composition: applying geometric morphometric for potential bio-monitoring

12:30 Frans Jorissen, Briz Parent, Constance Choquel, Grégoire Maillet, Eric Bénéteau and Cristine Barras

The use of sediment grain size analysis in foraminiferal biomonitoring

12:45 Olugbenga Fajemila, Martin Langer and Jere Lipps

Shallow-water benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Moorea (South Pacific): implications for environmental assessment and monitoring


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Melissa Lobegeier

The effectiveness of foraminifera as biomonitors in St. Andrew Bay and Apalachee Bay, Florida

14:15 Michael Martinez-Colon and Akram El Kateb

Exposure and toxicity of Potentially Toxic Elements in a tropical estuary: Is there a benthic foraminiferal response to bioavailability?

14:30 Chen Kenigsberg, Sigal Abramovich and Orit Hyams-Kaphzan

The effect of brine discharge by desalination plants on shallow marine ecosystems: benthic foraminifera as a case study

14:45 Akram El Kateb, Claudio Stalder, Christoph Neururer, Andres Rüggeberg, Robin Fentimen, Stephanie Stainbank, Jorge Spangenberg and Silvia Spezzaferri

Lesser Syrtis (South of Tunisia): Phosphate industry contamination assessment using a multidisciplinary approach


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Session VIII – Planktonic Foraminifera; a bridge between ecological and evolutionary dynamics in deep time

Conveners: Andy Purvis, Tom Ezard, Isabel Fenton


16:00 Pincelli Hull, Allison Y. Hsiang, Anieke Brombacher, Marina Costa Rillo, Maryline Vautravers, Stephen Conn, Catherine V. Davis, Sian Lordsmith, Lyndsey Fox, Jeroen Groeneveld, Anna Jentzen, Julie Meilland, Kirsty M. Edgar, Aurore Movellan

Quantifying endless forms for ecological and evolutionary research

16:15 R. Mark Leckie, Bridget S. Wade, Paul N. Pearson, Andrew J. Fraass, David J. King, Richard K. Olsson, Isabella Premoli Silva, Silvia Spezzaferri & William Berggren

Paragloborotalia is a debated genus…we have some news

16:30 Anieke Brombacher, Kirsty M. Edgar, Paul A. Wilson, Thomas H.G. Ezard

Evolutionary response to climate change from origination to extinction in a planktonic foraminifera lineage

16:45 Isabel S. Fenton, Paul N. Pearson, Thomas H. G. Ezard & Andy Purvis

Testing the concept of Simpsonian adaptive zones in Neogene planktonic foraminifera

17:00 Christopher Lowery, Andrew Fraass, and IODP Exp. 364 Scientists

An Explanation for Delayed Recovery of Planktic Foraminifer Diversity After the K-Pg Mass Extinction

17:15 Marina C. Rillo, Mauro T. C. Sugawara, Brenno Cabella, Lukas Jonkers, Michal Kucera & Thomas H. G. Ezard

Do modern planktonic foraminifera species compete?

17:30 – 18:30 Poster Session in South Hall

Monday 18 June – Pentland East room


Session XI – Foraminifera in Quaternary Research

Conveners: Karen Luise Knudsen, Helena Filipsson


11:00 Anna Binczewska, Bjørg Risebrobakken, Irina Polovodova Asteman, Matthias Moros, Amandine Tisserand, Eystein Jansen and Andrzej Witkowski

Coastal primary productivity changes over the last millennium: a case study from the Skagerrak (North Sea).

11:15 Laurie M. Charrieau, Karl Ljung, Frederik Schenk, Emma Kritzberg and Helena L. Filipsson

A bicentennial record of modern environmental changes in the Baltic Sea entrance.

11:30 Sha Ni, Nadine B. Quintana Krupinski, Jeroen Groeneveld, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Karen Luise Knudsen, Anne-Sophie Fanget, Tomas Naeraa and Helena L. Filipsson

Tracing hypoxia in the Baltic Sea during the Holocene using foraminifera-based geochemistry and faunal assemblages.

11:45 Gerhard Schmiedl, Marc Theodor, Frans Jorissen and Andreas Mackensen

Multispecies stable carbon isotopes of benthic foraminifera as proxy for organic matter fluxes in the Mediterranean Sea.

12:15 André Rosch Rodrigues, María Alejandra Gómez Pivel, Patricia Schmitt, Fabiana Karla de Almeida and Carla Bonetti

Late Quaternary epifaunal and infaunal foraminifera and their use as a proxy of organic matter paleoflux (Southern Brazilian Continental Margin).

12:30 Renata Hanae Nagai, Aislyn Alvarenga, Silvia Helena de Mello e Sousa and Rubens Figueira

Planktonic and benthic foraminifera responses to late Holocene paleoproductivity changes in the SW Atlantic.

12:45 Nicolaas Glock, Zeynep Erdem, Klaus Wallmann, Volker Liebetrau, Stanislav Gorb, Joachim Schönfeld and Anton Eisenhauer

Coupling of oceanic carbon and nitrogen facilitates spatially resolved quantitative reconstruction of nitrate inventories.


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Maria Pia Nardelli, A. Jouini, H. Howa, B. Lansard, E. Michel, O. Péron, T. Garlan, F. Vivie and M. Mojtahid

Benthic foraminifera-based proxies for brine shelf water production in Storfjorden (Svalbard).

14:15 Rebecca Jackson, Anna Bang, Audrey Limoges, Jacques Giraudeau, Guillaume Massé and Sofia Ribeiro

Tracing Atlantic water influence at the North Water Polynya during the Holocene using benthic foraminifera assemblages.

14:30 Hiroyuki Takata, H. J. Kim, H. Asahi, E. Thomas, C. M. Yoo, S. B. Chi and B.-K. Khim

Correlation between faunal change in deep-sea benthic foraminiferal assemblages and ballasting of particulate organic matter by calcareous/siliceous plankton.

14:45 Maciej M. Telesiński and Marek Zajączkowski

Variability of radiocarbon ventilation ages in the Greenland Sea since the last glacial.


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


16:00 Anna J. Pieńkowski, Frederique Eynaud, Alix G. Cage, Mark F.A. Furze, Naima El Bani Altuna and Rabecca Thiessen

Planktonic foraminifera signal reconnection of Arctic and Atlantic oceans via Arctic Canada after Termination I.

16:15 Elena V. Ivanova, Ekaterina A. Ovsepyan and Daria A. Kozhanova

Foraminiferal assemblages and “exotic” species in the fjords and troughs of the northern Barents Sea: implications for postglacial oceanographic changes.

16:30 Magdalena Łącka, Min Cao, Antoni Rosell-Melé, Joanna Pawłowska, Małgorzata Kucharska, Matthias Forwick and, Marek Zajączkowski

Atlantification” of the western Barents Sea since the last glaciation: implications for primary productivity and sea surface temperatures.

16:45 Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz, Estelle Allan, Camilla S. Andresen, Cristina Fasting Christiansen, Anne de Vernal, Katrine Elnegaard Hansen, Anne Jennings, Karen Luise Knudsen, Antoon Kuijpers, Christof Pearce, Kerstin Perner, Sofia Ribeiro, Christina Sheldon, Marie-Alexandrine Sicre, Longbin Sha, Sandrine Solignac and Nicolas Van Nieuwenhove

The Subpolar Gyre circulation: a key player of North Atlantic climate – A review of SPG variability based on foraminiferal and multiproxy investigations from the Irminger Sea, Labrador Sea and Baffin Bay regions.

17:00 Thomas M. Cronin, Julia Seidenstein, Laura Gemery, Katherine Keller and Kristin McDougall

Quaternary benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphy, paleoceanography, and shell chemistry from the Arctic Ocean.

17:15 Lukas Jonkers and Michal Kucera

The effect of species selection on SST reconstructions based on planktonic foraminifera assemblages.

17:30 – 18:30 Poster Session in South Hall

Tuesday 19 June – Pentland Suite


Plenary Session – Keynote lectures

08:30 Bruce Hayward

Using modern analogue foraminiferal data for quantitative estimates of past tidal elevation, water depth, salinity and temperature around New Zealand

09:00 Valeriya Mikhalevich

Russian School of Foraminerology

09:30 Raphael Morard

Global diversity of planktonic foraminifera


10:00 – 11:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Tuesday 19 June – Prestonfield room


Session XI – Foraminifera in Quaternary Research

Conveners: Karen Luise Knudsen, Helena Filipsson


11:00 Lai Shan Sum, Brent Wilson and Chantelle Ragoonath

Effects of flow disturbances on Holocene planktonic foraminiferal ecostrati-graphy.

11:15 Katrina Nilsson-Kerr, Pallavi Anand, Philip F. Sexton, Samantha J. Hammond, Melanie J. Leng and Steven C. Clemens

Indian Summer Monsoon dynamics across Marine Isotope Stage 5: a record from the northern Bay of Bengal.

11:30 Zoe R.F. Verlaak and Laurel S. Collins

Relationship of the spatial distribution of modern foraminiferal assemblages to salinity in the southwestern Everglades, Florida, USA.

11:45 Giulia Barbieri, Alessandro Amorosi, Benjamin P. Horton, Veronica Rossi and Stefano Claudio Vaiani

The palaeoecological record of delta dynamics: testing the faunal response of benthic foraminifers and ostracods.

12:15 Vlasta Ćosović, Jelena Vidović, Ivo Gallmetzer, Alexandra Haselmai, Martin Zuschin Marina Janjetić, Tihana Pensa, Igor Pejnović and Željka Šalvari

The foraminiferal record of the northern Adriatic: Brijuni Islands and Piran bay (same depths, different geologic background).

12:30 Anna Pint, Peter Frenzel, Judith Ewald and Max Engel

Benthic foraminifers as indicators of Early Holocene palaeoenvironmental changes in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

12:45 Kirti K Lal, Carla Bonetti, Colin D. Woodroffe and Kerrylee Rogers

Foraminifera-based palaeo-environmental reconstructions over the late-Holocene and its implications to sea-level rise: a case study of temperate south-east Australian coastal wetlands.


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


Session XVII – Evolution, Stratigraphy and Geological Crisis

Conveners:Rossana Martini, Roberto Rettori, Sylvain Rigaud


14:00 Haig. D. W.

Conservatism and innovation among Late Paleozoic–Mesozoic Foraminifera in mid-continental shallow-marine shale basins.

14:15 Haig. D. W.


14:30 Lipps J. H.

Skeletonization: Protists and Metazoans through time.

14:45 Fordham B. G., Zehady Abdullah K., Ogg J. G.

Visualising foram phylogenies.


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


16:00 Dubicka Z.

Does mode of coiling correspond more closely to the high-rank phylogenetic classification of Foraminifera than wall ultrastructure?

16:15 Kaminski M. A.

The Early Silurian Diversification of Agglutinated Foraminifera.

16:30 Richardson S. L.

A Phylogenetic Perspective on the Evolution of Life History Traits in Fusulinacea.

16:45 Gennari V., Rettori R., Ghorbani M.

Permian smaller foraminifers from Central and NW Iran: biostratigraphic implications.

17:00 Rashall J. M., Nestell G. P., Nestell M. K.

Late Albian-Early Cenomanian Planktonic Foraminifera of the Cretaceous Washita Group in North Central Texas and Problems of Global Correlation.

17:15 Wade B.S., Olsson R.K., Pearson P.N., Huber B.T., Berggren W.A., Spezzaferri S., Coxall H.K., Hernitz Kucenjak M., Premec Fućek V., Leckie R.M., Fraass A.J., King D., Premoli Silva I., Hemleben C., Kucera M., Edgar K.M., Smart C., Thomas E.

The Atlas of Oligocene Planktonic Foraminifera.

17:30 – 18:30 Cushman Reception in South Hall

21:00 – 00:30 Ceilidh in South Hall

Tuesday 19 June – Pentland West room


Session XII – Advances in Planktonic Foraminiferal Ecology and Population Dynamics

Conveners: Michal Kucera, G-J Brummer


11:00 Haruka Takagi , Tetsuichi Fujiki, Katsunori Kimoto, Kazuyoshi Moriya, Hiroaki Saito

Disclosing photosymbiosis in modern planktic foraminifers

11:15 Daniel Gaskell & Pincelli Hull


11:30 Maria Grigoratou, Fanny Monteiro, Daniela N. Schmidt, Jamie Wilson, Ben A. Ward, Andy Rigdwell

A trait- based modelling approach to planktonic foraminifera ecology

11:45 Flavia Boscolo Galazzo, Katherine Crichton, Steve Barker, Bridget Wade, Paul Pearson

Planktonic foraminiferal niche evolution since the middle Miocene: new data from a global multispecies compilation

12:15 Mattia Greco, Lukas Jonkers, Jelle Bijma, Michal Kucera

Factors controlling the Vertical habitat of the planktonic foraminifer Neogloboquadrina pachyderma

12:30 Meilland, J., Siccha, M., Jonkers, L., Morard, R., Kučera, M. and research cruise M140 participants

Diurnal Vertical Migration in planktonic foraminifera: firm observations in a sea of uncertainties

12:45 Chernihovsky Natalie, Almogi-Labin Ahuva, Torfstein Adi

Seasonal flux patterns of planktonic foraminifera in a deep, oligotrophic, marginal sea: sediment trap time series from the Gulf of Aqaba, north Red Sea


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


Session VI – Single-cell genomics of Foraminifera; from organismal interactions to integrative framework

Conveners: Kate Darling, Magali Schweizer


14:00 Michal Kucera, Raphael Morard, Nele Vollmar and Mattia Greco

Who is hiding in the plankton? The small, obscure and overlooked species

14:15 Yoshiyuki Ishitani, Yurika Ujiié, Euki Yazaki, Takashi Toyofuku, Yukiko Nagai, and Yuji Inagaki

Phylogenomic approach to the early evolution of Foraminifera

14:30 Agnes Weiner and Laura Katz

Using single-cell omics to approach genome evolution of uncultivable amoebae

14:45 Julien Richirt, Magali Schweizer, Aurélia Mouret, Frans Jorissen

Morphological distinction between three Ammonia phylotypes along European Atlantic coasts


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Session VII – Environmental genomics of foraminifera: From global diversity of foraminifera and beyond

Conveners: Raphael Morard, Jan Pawlowski


16:00 Jan Pawlowski, Tristan Cordier, Franck Lejzerowicz, Xyrus Maurer-Alcala, Roberto Sierra, Joana Pawlowska, Maria Holzmann, Emanuela Reo, Laure Apothéloz-PerretGentil

Forams’ omics: a new frontier

16:15 Martina de Freitas Prazeres

Bleaching-associated changes in the microbiome of Amphistegina

16:30 Joanna Pawłowska, Franck Lejzerowicz, Marek Zajączkowski, Jutta Wollenburg, Jan Pawlowski

A molecular fossil: Ancient environmental DNA as proxy for past climate and environmental changes.

16:45 Fabrizio Frontalini, Mattia Greco, Letizia Di Bella, Franck Lejzerowicz, Emanuela Reo, Tristan Cordier, Antonio Caruso, Claudia Cosentino, Antonella Maccotta, Giovanna Scopelliti, Virginia Martins, Maria Teresa Losada, Eric Armynot du Châtelet, Rodolfo Coccioni, and Jan Pawlowski

Assessing the effect of chromium pollution on benthic foraminiferal community: morphological vs. environmental metabarcoding approaches

17:00 Myrsini Chronopoulou, Iines Salonen, Clare Bird, Gert-Jan Reichart, Karoliina A. Koho

Metagenomics offer insights into the identity and feeding behaviour of intertidal foraminifera

17:15 Alexandra-Sophie Roy, Christian Woehle, Nicolaas Glock, Tanita Wein, Julia Weissenbach, Philip Rosenstiel, Claas Hiebenthal, Jan Michels, Joachim Schönfeld & Tal Dagan

Eukaryotic denitrification pathway of the benthic foraminifera Globobulimina turgida and G. auriculata

17:30 – 18:30 Cushman Reception in South Hall

21:00 – 00:30 Ceilidh in South Hall

Tuesday 19 June – Pentland East room


Session XIV – Foraminifera; Bridging the Gap between ecology and palaeoecology

Conveners: Elisabeth Alve, Bill Austin


11:00 Sergei Korsun, Olga Knyazeva, Wojciech Majewski, Maria Angelica Godoi, Tatiana Hromic, Marina Varfolomeeva, and Jan Pawlowski

Temperate glaciated fjords of the Southern Hemisphere: benthic foraminifera in southern Patagonia, Chile.

11:15 Wojciech Majewski, Philip J. Bart, and Austin J. McGlannan

Sub-fossil foraminifera from sub-ice-shelf and grounding zone proximal settings of the eastern Ross Sea, Antarctica.

11:30 Robin Fentimen, Andres Rüggeberg, and Silvia Spezzaferri

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages in cold-water coral environments: new insights.

11:45 Patrick Bukenberger, Petra Heinz, and Jutta Wollenburg

Living inside a sponge: Foraminifera at the Karasik Seamount (Central Arctic Ocean).

12:15 Agnieszka Kujawa, Natalia Szymańska, Małgorzata Kucharska, Joanna Pawłowska, Magdalena Łącka, and Marek Zajączkowski

Benthic Foraminifera in fjords and open marine environment of Svalbard.

12:30 Olga Kniazeva and Sergei Korsun

Seasonal variations in the high-latitude benthic foraminiferal community of Kongsfjorden, Svalbard.

12:45 Natalia Szymanska, Agnieszka Kujawa, Joanna Pawłowska, Magdalena Łącka, Małgorzata Kucharska, Marek Zajączkowski

Foraminiferal carbon share in sedimentary carbon pool of Svalbard and Northern European fjords.


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Robert P. Speijer

Towards full exploitation of the foraminiferal toolbox in deep-time environmental reconstructions.

14:15 Gábor Zsiborás and Ágnes Görög

Aalenian–Bajocian foraminiferal assemblages at Tűzkövesárok section of Bakonycsernye (Transdanubian Mountains, Hungary).

14:30 S.H.M. Sousa, L. Licari, C. Yamashita, M.V.A. Martins, C. Millo, B. Kim, I. Montoya, R. Carreira, M.M. Mahiques

Evaluation of contrasting canyons and open slope environments in the Campos Basin, eastern Brazilian continental margin, South Atlantic: living benthic foraminifera and stable isotopes analyses.

14:45 Elena Lo Giudice Cappelli, William Austin, Jess Clarke and Craig Smeaton

Can benthic foraminiferal assemblages record the carbon burial history of Shetland, Scotland?


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


16:00 Malcolm B. Hart, Giulia S. Molina, Christopher W. Smart, and Claire Widdicombe

Benthic foraminifera in the plankton and how this might impact on paleo(ecological) interpretations.

16:15 Eric Armynot du Chatelet, Fabio Francescangeli, Vincent M.P. Bouchet, and Fabrizio Frontalini

Benthic foraminifera in transitional environments of the English Channel and the southern North Sea: proxies for regional-scale environmental and paleo-environmental characterisations.

16:30 Flavia Fiorini and Stephen W. Lokier

Recent Benthic Foraminifera from nearshore and intertidal environments of Abu Dhabi region (United Arab Emirates).

16:45 Briony Mamo, Moriaki Yasuhara, Jonathan Cybulski, and David Baker

Detritus and Pearls – Late Holocene and Anthropocene history of Hong Kong’s coastal ecosystems.

17:00 Maria N. Sider and Laurel S. Collins

Benthic Foraminiferal Response to Anthropogenic Coastal Change: Almirante Bay, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

17:15 Janet E. Burke, Willem Renema, Michael J. Henehan, Leanne E. Elder, Catherine V. Davis, Amy Maas, Gavin L. Foster and Pincelli M. Hull

Factors Influencing Porosity in Planktonic Foraminifera.

17:30 – 18:30 Cushman Reception in South Hall

21:00 – 00:30 Ceilidh in South Hall

Thursday 21 June – Pentland Suite


Plenary Session – Keynote lectures

08:30 Bridget Wade

Planktonic foraminifera and ocean drilling

09:00 Mike Simmons

Applied foraminiferal studies: back to basics?

09:30 Anna Weinmann

Distribution and dispersal of foraminifera in times of global change


10:00 – 11:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Thursday 21 June – Prestonfield room


Session IX – Foraminifera and ocean drilling; celebrating 50 years of discovery

Conveners: Brian Huber, Paul Pearson, Dick Kroon


11:00 Knappertsbusch, M., and Thore Friesenhagen

Prospecting patterns of morphological evolution in menardiform globorotaliids along Agulhas‘ trackway: Review and research in progress

11:15 Stainbank, S., Andres Rüggeberg, Silvia Spezzaferri, Dick Kroon, Erica S. de Leau, and Christian Betzler

South Asian Monsoon and surface water mass dynamics in a glacial–interglacial perspective

11:30 Voigt, J., Hathorne E.C., Fietzke, J., and Pälike, H.

Recrystallisation and reliability of geochemical proxy data from planktonic foraminifera

11:45 Gallagher, Stephen J., Takuya Sagawa, Andrew Henderson, Mariem Saavedra‐Pellitero, David de Vleeschouwer, Heather Black, Takuya Itaki, Sam Toucanne, Maria‐Angela Bassetti, Steve Clemens, William Anderson, Carlos Alvarez‐Zarikian and Ryuji Tada

Paleoceanography and monsoonal history of the Japan Sea over the last 460,000 years

12:15 Garcia-Gallado, Ángela, Patrick Grunert, Marlies Van der Schee, Francisco J. Sierro, Francisco J. Jiménez-Espejo, Werner E. Piller

Foraminifera-based reconstruction of Pliocene Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange

12:30 Baranwal Soma, Giuliana Panieri and Jochen Knies

Mid-Pliocene history of Leeuwin Current and Australian climate controlled by the uplift of the Maritime continent: insights from Northwest Australian Shelf (IODP Exp. 356, Site U1463).

12:45 Drury, A.J., G. P. Lee, W. R. Gray, M. Lyle, T. Westerhold, A. E. Shevenell, and C. M. John

Late Miocene-early Pliocene isotopic and trace element insights into the mean climate state of the equatorial


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


Thomas Ellen, Christopher W. Smart, James Super, Pincelli Hull

Miocene Biserial Planktic Foraminifera: Evolution and Environment

14:15 Petrizzo, Maria Rose, Kirsty M. Edgar, Erik Wolfgring, Trine Edvardsen, David K. Watkins, Rodrigo do Monte Guerra, Brian T. Huber and IODP Expedition 369 Shipboard Science Party

Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera in the Southern Ocean: Preliminary results from IODP Exp. 369 Australia Cretaceous Climate and Tectonics

14:30 Falzoni F., Petrizzo M.R., Aldeghi D., Pieraccini, G.

Stable-isotope paleoecology of Campanian–Maastrichtian planktonic foraminifera from the equatorial Pacific Ocean (ODP Leg 198, Hole 1210B, Shatsky Rise

14:45 Huber, Brian T., Kenneth G. MacLeod, and David K. Watkins and Millard F. Coffin

The Rise and Fall of the Cretaceous Hot Greenhouse Climate

15:00 – 16:00 UK, IODP Reception – Poster Session in South Hall

Session X – Deep time records of climate change impacts

Conveners: Ellen Thomas, Daniela Schmidt


16:00 McDougall, K. and John, C. M.

Benthic foraminiferal biotic events related to the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal maximum along the California Margin

16:15 Stassen, P., Steurbaut, E., and Speijer, R. P.

Foraminiferal response to early Eocene climate variability in the North Sea Basin.

16:30 Evans, D., Cotton, L., Pearson, P., Rosenthal, Y., Rae, J., Erez, J., Müller, W., and Affek, H.

Climate-Ocean chemistry intercations overt he Eocene-Oligocene Transition

16:45 Brzelinski, S., Friedrich, O., and Bornemann

Mechanisms of glacial/interglacial climate variability during the late Oligocene

17:00 Renema, W.

The contribution of Neogene large benthic foraminifera assemblage composition in the debate on timing of tectonic events critical to the evolution of modern climate system.

17:15 Robinson, M. M., and Dowsett, H. J.

Tracking Pliocene Indian Monsoon intensity through Bay of Bengal salinity changes reconstructed from planktic foraminiferal assemblages.

18:15 Bus to Symposium Dinner

18:45 – 23:50 Symposium Dinner at Assembly Room

Thursday 21 June – Pentland West room


Session I – Foraminiferal Biology in a Changing World

Conveners: Sue Goldstein; Joan Bernhard


11:00 John L. Dowson and Scott G. Smithers

Reef Island Futures Depend on Large Benthic Foraminifera

11:15 Christiane Schmidt, Gurjit Theara, John Burt, Raphael Morard, Grace Vaughan, Masashi Tsuchiya and Michal Kucera

Adaptation potential of coral reef benthic foraminifera to the extreme environment in the Persian Gulf

11:30 Lukas Jonkers, Michael Siccha and Michal Kucera

Global warming shapes modern planktonic foraminifera species assemblages

11:45 Howard J. Spero, Charlotte LeKieffre, Ann Russell, Jennifer Fehrenbacher, Emmanuelle Geslin and Anders Meibom

Carbon and nitrogen uptake and exchange between a photosynthetic symbiotic dinoflagellate and its planktonic foraminifera host

12:15 Charlotte LeKieffre, Thierry Jauffrais, Jeremy Lothier, Anis M. Limami, Jorge Spangenberg, Bruno Jesus, Joan M. Bernhard, Olivier Maire, Helena L. Filipsson, Anders Meibom and Emmanuelle Geslin

Cellular pathways of inorganic carbon and nitrogen uptake in benthic foraminifera: a comparison between kleptoplastic and non-kleptoplastic species

12:30 Fabricio Guamán-Guevara, Natalie Hicks and William E.N. Austin

Impacts of ocean acidification on feeding efficiency and carbon uptake by benthic foraminifera

12:45 Anouk Klootwijk, E. Alve, S. Hess and P. Renaud

Benthic foraminiferal response to carbon loading introduced by “jelly-falls”: An ex-situ experiment using material from Kaldfjord (Northern Norway)


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Iines Salonen, Myrsini Chronopoulou, Elina Leskinen, Clare Bird, Gert-Jan Reichart and Karoliina Koho

Inside out – diversity and potential roles of the endobiont bacterial community of foraminifera

14:15 Caitlin R. Keating-Bitonti, Joan M. Bernhard, Brian T. Huber and Alisha D. Anaya

Micro-CT scans reveal size and growth patterns of benthic foraminifera across a modern oxygen gradient

14:30 Susan T. Goldstein

On the tandem evolution of the test and life cycle in marine, benthic foraminifera

14:45 Joan M. Bernhard, Veronique Le Roux, Jonathan B. Martin, Jason Curtis and Giuliana Panieri

Fake news? Benthic foraminifera record gas hydrate methane emissions


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Session XVIII – Foraminiferal Invasions as a Threat to the Environment

Conveners: Mary McGann; Ahuva Almogi; Martin Langer


16:00 Martin R. Langer

Invasive foraminifera: What do we know and where do we go next

16:15 Kenneth L. Finger, Mary McGann and Janine Könen

Tsunami-generated rafting of foraminifera across the North Pacific Ocean

16:30 Orit Hyams-Kaphzan, Lidia Perelis Grossowicz, Shani Sultan- Levi, Irit Gefen, Gil Rilov and Ahuva Almogi-Labin

Macroalgae dynamics control the distribution of alien epiphytic foraminifera in the Israeli Mediterranean rocky reefs

16:45 Annekatrin J. Enge, Petra Heinz and Paolo G. Albano

Persistence of Lessepsian-dominated foraminifera assemblages on the Israeli shelf

17:00 R. Guastella, A. Marchini, A. Caruso, J. Evans, P. Balistreri, A. M. Mannino, M. Langer and N. Mancin

Invasive Amphisteginids conquer the Sicily Channel and knock on the door of the Western Mediterranean Sea

17:15 Noémie Deldicq, Elisabeth Alve, Magali Schweizer, Irina Polovodova Asteman, Silvia Hess, Kate Darling and Vincent M.P. Bouchet

Is the foraminiferal species resembling Nonionella stella a non-indigenous species (NIS) in the Oslofjord (Norway)?

18:15 Bus to Symposium Dinner

18:45 – 23:50 Symposium Dinner at Assembly Room

Thursday 21 June – Pentland East room


Session XIII – Foraminifera in Applied Micropalaeontology (Industrial and Academic)

Conveners: John Gregory; Haydon Bailey


11:00 Geraint Wyn Hughes

A new thin-section based micropalaeontological biozonation for Jurassic shallow marine carbonates of the Arabian Platform

11:15 Saleh Sfoog Al Enezi

Chronostratigraphic update on the Sulaiy and the Yamama formations, Eastern Saudi Arabia

11:30 Vlasta Ćosović, Wojtek Nemec, Ervin Mrinjek, Jelena Španiček, Igor Pejnović & Tihana Pensa

The role of the Eocene larger benthic foraminifera in evolution of transient ramps in Dinaric Foreland Basin

11:45 Emma Sheldon, Peter Alsen, Bodil Wesenberg Lauridsen & Jussi Hovikoski

Lower Cretaceous Foraminifera and macrofossils of the Wandel Sea Basin, North Greenland and their role in correlation with other Arctic hydrocarbon-prone basins.

12:15 A. Piva, G. Knezaurek, E. Menichetti & S. Toricelli

Integrated paleoecology as a tool for the definition of the paleoenvironmental evolution: an application from the Tertiary successions offshore Mozambique

12:30 Adriane R. Lam, R. Mark Leckie

A New High-Resolution Late Neogene Mid-Latitude Planktic Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Shatsky Rise, Northwest Pacific

12:45 Poster presentations – 2 minutes of fame


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Matthias Kranner, Oleg Mandic, Mathias Harzhauser & Christine Jawetzki

The terminal phase of the Sarmatian in the western Vienna Basin

14:15 Holger Gebhardt, Bettina Schenk, Erik Wolfgring & Irene Zorn

Cyclic paleo-salinity changes inferred from benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Upper Burdigalian (Lower Miocene) Korneuburg Basin, Austria

14:30 Alessio Fabbrini, Niccolò Baldassini, Chiara Caricchi, Agata Di Stefano, Jaume Dinarès-Turell , Luca Maria Foresi, Fabrizio Lirer, Leonardo Sagnotti, Simona Patricolo, Aldo Winkler

IODP Site U1406: integrated analyses on planktic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils for a bio-magnetostratigraphic revision

14:45 Deniz Ibilioglu & André Poisson

Biostratigraphy and stable isotope (δ18O and δ13C) data of the late Paleocene-early Oligocene planktonic foraminifera of the western Taurides (NW Antalya, Turkey)


15:00 – 16:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


16:00 Ross Marchant

An automated system for image-based identification of foraminifera using convolutional neural networks

16:15 Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos

Benthic foraminifera and palaeobathymetric changes across the K/Pg boundary transition in SE Brazil

16:30 Maria Luisa Machain-Castillo, A. Gracia,A. C. Ruiz-Fernández, J. A. Sánchez-Cabeza, P. Schwing, D. Hollander, H. Alexander-Valdez, A. Rodríguez-Ramírez, X.A. Nava-Fernández, L. Gómez-Lizárraga.

Living with oil: The tale of foraminifera in the southern Gulf of Mexico

16:45 Renata Moura de Mello & R. Mark Leckie

Paleobathymetric Model of the Brazilian Marginal Basins for the Paleocene-Eocene

17:00 Martin P. Crundwell

A new method for interpolating ages between calibrated control points based on foraminiferal concentrations

17:15 Robert Campbell

The Role of Biostratigraphy to Support Drilling Around and Below Salt in the Gulf of Mexico

18:15 Bus to Symposium Dinner

18:45 – 23:50 Symposium Dinner at Assembly Room

Friday 22 June – Pentland Suite


Plenary Session – Keynote lectures

08:30 Hidetaka Nomaki

Foraminiferal ecology revealed by in situ and laboratory experiments

09:00 Laia Alegret

The benthic foraminiferal record of climate change and critical events across the Paleogene

09:30 Maria Rose Petrizzo

Planktonic foraminiferal evolution and climate change: understanding the late Turonian to early Campanian record from low to high latitudes


10:00 – 11:00 Coffee Break – Poster Session in South Hall


Friday 22 June – Prestonfield room


TMS Spring Meeting

Conveners: Lyndsey Fox, Kirsty Edgar, Martin Langer


11:00 Anne Förster, Olaf Elicki

Morphological analyses of pre-Messinian foraminifera from Sardinia and Sicily: useful tool for recognition of palaeoecological changes prior to the Messinian Salinity Crisis?

11:15 Ben Taylor, James Rae, William Gray, Kate Darling, Patrizia Ziveri, Rainer Gersonde, Andrea Abelmann, Edith Maier, Oliver Esper, Andrea Burke

Planktic foraminiferal assemblages in the North Pacific

11:30 Bruce W. Hayward, François Le Coze

World Foraminifera Database in WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species) – Progress since FORAMS 2014

11:45 Brent Wilson, Lee-Ann Hayek

Quantifying assemblage turnover as a tool in deciphering past oceanic environmental change, illustrated using turnover among planktonic foraminifera at ODP Hole 926A, Ceara Rise, tropical Atlantic Ocean

12:15 Gerald T. Rustic, Pratigya Polissar, Anna-Christina Ravelo, Sarah White, Vicky Yuan

ENSO variability through the late Pleistocene from individual foraminifera

12:30 Eleanor John, Caroline Lear, Paul Pearson

(Title to be confirmed)

12:45 Ágnes Görög, Roland Wernli

Planktonic Foraminifera: a bridge between ecological and evolutionary dynamics in deep time


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


Session V – Foraminiferal Research Schools: The Past Can Inform the Future

Conveners: Pamela Hallock Muller, Martin Langer


14:00 Martin R. Langer

A Short History of Micropaleontology in Germany

14:15 Michael A. Kaminski

Applied Micropaleontology at the end of the 19th Century: The School of Józef Grzybowski

14:30 C. Giles Miller, Tom Hill, Lyndsey Fox, and Stephen Stukins

The foraminiferal collections at the Natural History Museum and their applications

14:45 D.J. King, B.S. Wade, R.D. Liska, C.G. Miller, R.M. Leckie and B.T. Huber

Revisiting the classic Caribbean Oligo-Miocene type localities: Taxonomic implications for planktonic foraminifera


15:00 – 17:30 CLOSING CEREMONY in Pentland Suite

Friday 22 June – Pentland West room


Session XVI – Larger Benthic Foraminifera as Historical Archives of Deep Time Changes

Conveners: Antonino Briguglio, Wolfgang Eder, Cesare Andrea Papazzoni


11:00 Johann Hohenegger

Growth and Development in Foraminifera: Examples from Larger Foraminifera

11:15 Charlotte Beasley, Laura Cotton, Aisha Al Suwaldi, Stephen Hesselbo & Kate Littler

A new larger benthic foraminiferal biostratigraphic record from the Paleocene–Eocene of the UAE

11:30 Pamela Hallock, Cesare A. Papazzoni & Mona Seddighi

Bioherms characterized by large, flat, benthic foraminifers: paleoecological insights from biology and oceanography

11:45 Yukun SHI

A unique allometric growth of late Paleozoic larger benthic foraminifera; heterochrony and ecology

12:15 Lorenzo Consorti & Esmeralda Caus

Late Cretaceous Larger Foraminifera palaeobiogeography

12:30 Beatrice Fornaciari, Cesare Andrea Papazzoni, Luca Giusberti, Eliana Fornaciari & Sara Marconato

The Paleocene Tabiago section (Italy): integrated biostratigraphy and larger foraminifera evolution in a paleoclimatic perspective

12:45 Simon F. Mitchell

A Larger Benthic Foraminiferal Zonation for the Eocene of the Central American Region


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Laura J. Cotton, Jonathan R. Bryan & G. Harley Means

Larger benthic foraminifera and the American Eocene-Oligocene Transition

14:15 György Less, Gianluca Frijia, Ercan Özcan, Pratul K. Saraswati & Mariano Parente

Larger benthic foraminifera and Sr-isotope data from the Oligocene of Kutch (western India) with chronostratigraphic and paleobiogeographic evaluations

14:30 Antonino Briguglio, Sulia Goeting, Wolfgang Eder, Johann Hohenegger, Amajida Roslim & Laszlo Kocsis.

Depth distribution and substrate selection of modern larger benthic foraminifera offshore Brunei Darussalam

14:45 Meena Förderer & Martin R. Langer

Modern Indo-Pacific larger foraminifera from two localities in the Coral Triangle

15:00 – 17:30 CLOSING CEREMONY in Pentland Suite

Friday 22 June – Pentland East room


Session XV – Advances in Foraminiferal Experimental Studies

Conveners: Sigal Abramovitch, Petra Heinz, Hiroshi Kitazato, Emmanuelle Geslin


11:00 Yanli Lei, Shuaishuai Dong, Man Lyu, Tiegang Li and Zhimin Jian

Impacts of pH alteration on benthic foraminiferal communities under laboratorial culture conditions: uncoupling results revealed by classical and molecular methods

11:15 Jutta Wollenburg, Zora Zittier and Jelle Bijma

Insight into deep-sea life – Cibicidoides pachyderma environmental and pH-dependent behaviour

11:30 Julia Wukovits, Annekatrin Enge, Max Oberrauch and Petra Heinz

Feeding strategies and carbon and nitrogen budgets in Ammonia tepida and Haynesina germanica – Evidence from laboratory stable isotope labeling studies

11:45 Thierry Jauffrais, Charlotte LeKieffre, Emmanuelle Geslin, Magali Schweizer, Edouard Metzger, Joan Bernhard, Bruno Jesus, Helena Filipsson, Olivier Maire and Anders Meibom

Kleptoplastic benthic foraminifera: Assimilation (or not) of inorganic C, N, and S studied with sub-cellular resolution

12:15 Vincent Bouchet, Noémie Deldicq and Laurent Seuront

New insights into the functional role of benthic foraminifera: an experimental quantification of bioturbation processes

12:30 Anat Ash-Mor, Revital Bookman, Vincent Bouchet, Laurent Seuront, Zvi Ben-Avraham and Ahuva Almogi-Labin

Going with the flow: re-suspension and fragmentation of foraminifera shells caused by high velocity currents.

12:45 Thaise Freitas, Eduardo Bacalhau and Sibelle Disaró

Framework for foraminiferal biomass assessment: incorporating geometric models and interspecific protoplasm occupancy


13:00 -14:00 Lunch in Restaurant


14:00 Jan Goleń, Jarosław Tyszka, Ulf Bickmeyer, Jelle Bijma, Karina Kaczmarek, Markus Raitzsch and Max Janse

Different patterns of actin cytoskeleton organisation in Foraminifera: Applications and constrains of SiR-actin live staining

14:15 Danna Titelboim, Ahuva Almogi-Labin, Barak Herut, Sarit Ashckenazi-Polivoda and Sigal Abramovich

Temperature sensitivity of benthic foraminifera as a limiting factor of biogeographic invasion and expansion of species.

14:30 Marleen Stuhr, Achim Meyer, Claire Reymond, Gita Narayan, Vera Rieder, Jörg Rahnenführer, Michal Kucera, Hildegard Westphal, Pamela Hallock

Are variations in thermal stress tolerance of different Amphistegina species linked to differences in symbiont type?

14:45 Christiane Schmidt, Ayami Sekizawa, Atsushi Suzuki, Kazuhiko Sakai and Kazuhiko Fujita

Combined effects of global and local stressors (high temperature and low light) on symbiont-bearing foraminifera from Okinawa, Japan


15:00 – 17:30 CLOSING CEREMONY in Pentland Suite


18:30 Bus to St Andrews – Workshops


Monday 18 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 10:00 – 11:00

Session III – Biomineralisation and geochemistry of Proxies-Field calibrations Laboratory culture and Paleo oceanographic reconstructions

Conveners: Jonathan Erez, Lennart de Nooijer, Takashi Toyofuku


Oscar Branson, Alex Gagnon

Boron proxies and biomineralisation: the possible, the impossible and the likely

James W.B. Rae, Oscar Branson, Alex Gagnon

Boron isotopes and biomineralisation

Hagar Hauzer, David Evans, Wolfgang Müller, Yair Rosenthal, Jonathan Erez

Experimental calibration of Na and other trace elements partitioning in the calcitic foraminifer Operculina ammonoides

Jenny Roberts, Karina Kaczmarek, Gerald Langer, Luke C. Skinner, Jelle Bijma, Harold Bradbury, Alexandra V. Turchyn, Frank Lamy, Sambuddha Misra

Lithium isotopic composition of benthic foraminifera: A new proxy for paleo-pH reconstruction

Angelina Ivkic, Linda K. Dämmer, Alice Webb, Lennart Jan de Nooijer, Gert-Jan Reichart

Ocean acidification and foraminiferal calcification rates

David Evans, Wolfgang Müller, Jonathan Erez

Planktonic and large benthic foraminifera predominantly source Ca through vacuolisation

Sarina Schmidt, Nina Keul

Ion channels as a transport mechanism of seawater ions in benthic foraminifers (Ammonia sp. and Amphistegina lessonii)

Siham De Goeyse, Lennart de Nooijer, Gert-Jan Reichart

Benthic foraminifera, their preferred DIC source and proton pumping

Takashi Toyofuku, Miki Y. Matsuo, Lennart Jan de Nooijer, Yukiko Nagai, Tetsuro Ikuta

Proton pumping accompanies calcification in foraminifera


Session IV – Advances in Foraminiferal Biomonitoring

Conveners: Frans Jorissen, Joachim Schoenfeld, Silvia Spezzaferri

Eric Armynot du Châtelet, Fabrizio Frontalini and Fabio Francescangeli

Significance of replicates: are replicates a distortion of the reality of the environments in transitional areas?

Margarette Bayron-Arcelay and Dimaris Acosta-Mercado

Contrasting the spatial distribution of dead and live foraminiferal assemblages: applying geostatistics

Jane Mamuaja, Royke Rampengan and Ezra Paringgi

A preliminary finding on foraminifera from Bunaken Island, Manado – Indonesia

Romana Melis, Billy Figus, Stefano Covelli, Elisa Petranich and Vincent Bouchet

Benthic foraminifera as biomonitoring tools in the northern Adriatic Sea (Italy)

Joachim Schönfeld and Isabel Mendes

Environmental triggers of faunal changes revealed by benthic foraminiferal monitoring

Patrick Schwing, Brian O’Malley, Maria Machain-Castillo, Maickel Armenteros and David Hollander

Utilizing benthic foraminifera to assess the impacts of oil spills and environmental response in the Gulf of Mexico: Past, Present and Future

Danna Titelboim, Aleksey Sadekov, Orit Hyams-Kaphzan, Ahuva Almogi-Labin, Barak Herut, Michal Kucera and Sigal Abramovich

Foraminiferal single chamber analyses of heavy metals as a tool for monitoring permanent and short term anthropogenic footprints

Kazumi Akimoto

Taxonomy of recent benthic foraminifers for marine environmental monitoring in eastern Indian Ocean

Mauro Alivernini, Johannes Biehler, Thomas Biehl, Olga Gildeeva, Thomas Wutzler, Lailah Akita and Peter Frenzel

Combined application of Foraminifera and Ostracoda as bio-indicators to assess Ghanaian coastal water quality

Erica Bicchi, Antonio Aveta, J. Engandzas, Y. Mong, Anna Sabbatini and Magali Schweizer

Madagascar marine ecosystems ecological status: preliminary studies of benthic foraminifera as potential bio indicators

Gregor Mathes

Anthropogenic impacts on benthic foraminiferal assemblages, Oahu, Hawaii

Virgínia Martins, Lazaro Laut, Fabrizio Frontalini, Maria Machado da Fonseca, Pierre Belart, Débora Raposo, Amanda Vilar, Renan Habib, Cintia Yamashita, Silvia Helena de Mello e Sousa, Sibelle Disaró, Egberto Pereira, Rene Rodrigues, Sergio Bergamashi and Maria Rodrigues

Living benthic foraminiferal assemblages in gas charged sediment from the northern region of Guanabara Bay (RJ, Brazil)


Session XI – Foraminifera in Quaternary Research

Conveners: Karen Luise Knudsen, Helena Filipsson


Angélica Ballesteros Prada
and Emiliana Bernasconi

Paleoenvironmental Inferences from a Late Quaternary marine Sequence in Samborombón Bay, Buenos Aires (South America).

Emiliana Bernasconi

Paleoenvironmental changes on a coastal plain, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina: last 2700 years.

Anna Binczewska, Patrick Bukenberger and Andrzej Witkowsk

Environmental reconstruction from the coral reef foraminiferal fauna: a Florida Keys case study.

Dorothea Bunzel, Gerhard Schmiedl, Sebastian Lindhorst, Andreas Mackensen, Jesús Reolid, Sarah Romahn and Christian Betzler

Impact of Late Quaternary ocean and climate variability on benthic ecosystems of the Maldives, Inner Sea.

Tatiana Hromic, Osvaldo Vidal and Nelson Silva

Nutrient factors determining benthic foraminifera distribution in channels and fjords of Chilean Patagonia.

Ekaterina A. Ovsepyan and Elena V. Ivanova

Changes in benthic foraminiferal assemblages and carbon isotopes from the core AI-3152: implications for the Late Quaternary oceanographic conditions and regional correlations in the western South Atlantic.

Thu Vu, Klaus Reicherter, Margret Mathes-Schmidt and Andreas Vött

Forminifera assemblages and their paleocological assessment in Crete, Greece.

Mary McGann and James E. Conrad

Faunal and stable isotopic analyses of benthic foraminifera from the Southeast Cold Seep on Kimki Ridge offshore southern California, USA.

Christopher W. Smart and Ellen Thomas

Holocene variations in seasonality of productivity in the North Atlantic as reflected in bathyal benthic foraminifera.

Hauke-Tom Brandt, Dorothea Bunzel, Amalie Cordua, Sebastian Lindhorst, Yvonne Milker and Gerhard Schmiedl

Intertidal foraminifera as proxy for the evolution of a historic polder on Eiderstedt peninsula, German North Sea coast.

Kerstin Perner and Karen-Luise Knudsen

Benthic foraminiferal assemblage change during the last 150 years on the North Icelandic shelf – and two new agglutinated species.

Elizaveta Novikhina, Evgeny Gusev, Ekaterina Taldenkova, Anton Kuznetsov, Sergey Nikolaev and Anna Stepanova

Past sedimentation rates and environmental conditions on the Mendeleev Rise (Arctic ocean).


Monday 18 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 15:00 – 16:00

Session III – Biomineralisation and geochemistry of Proxies-Field calibrations Laboratory culture and Paleo oceanographic reconstructions

Conveners: Jonathan Erez, Lennart de Nooijer, Takashi Toyofuku


Yukiko Nagai, Takashi Toyofuku, Chong Chen, Katsunori Uematsu

Formation Process of Organic membrane within calcareous test and early calcium carbonate deposition of benthic foraminifera Ammonia

Alex Gagnon, Elisa Bonnin, Oscar Branson, Markus Rashke, Samuel Johnson

Sub-micron heterogeneity in biominerals: what is the role of organic-mineral interactions?

Zhoufei YU, Yanli LEI, Tiegang LI

Proloculus Size, Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in Benthic Foraminifera Ammonia aomoriensis: Based on Culture and field Studies

Niklas Meinicke, Sze Ling Ho, Dirk Nürnberg, Aradhna E. Tripati, Eystein Jansen, Trond Dokken, Ralf Schiebel
and Anna Nele Meckler

Studying the relationship between clumped isotopes and temperature in planktonic foraminifera

Jassin Petersen, Christine Barras, Antoine Bézos, Carole La, Filip J.R. Meysman, Aurélia Mouret, Caroline P. Slomp, and Frans J. Jorissen

Mn/Ca ratios of Ammonia tepida as a proxy for hypoxic events in coastal ecosystems: the case of Lake Grevelingen, The Netherlands

Giuliana Panieri, Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Haoyi Yao, Katarzyna Melaniuk, Andrea Schneider, Joan M. Bernhard, Jochen Knies, Aivo Lepland, Helge Niemann

Benthic foraminifera in methane cold seeps: Biological and geochemical evidences from the Arctic

Jessica G. M. Crumpton-Banks, Andrea Burke, James W. B. Rae, Rossanna Greenop, Andreas Mackensen

A glacial-interglacial record of boron isotopes and trace elements in Southern Ocean foraminifera

Michael Lis, Robert Thunell, Catherine Davis, Eric Tappa

Glacial-Interglacial Changes in the Thermocline Structure of the Makassar Straits: Implications for Changes in the Indonesian Through Flow


Session IV – Advances in Foraminiferal Biomonitoring

Conveners: Frans Jorissen, Joachim Schoenfeld, Silvia Spezzaferri


Débora Raposo, Amanda Vilar, Renan Habib, Pierre Belart, E. Volino, I. Clemente, Fabrizio Frontalini, Virginia Martins, L. Fontana and Lazaro Laut

Foraminiferal seasonality as a baseline tool for environmental biomonitoring in the Itaipu Lagoon (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Luciana de Carvalho Santa-Rosa and Sibelle Trevisan Disaró

Spatial and vertical distribution of living (stained) benthic foraminifera on the continental slope of the Potiguar Basin area (Brazilian Equatorial Margin)

Pierre Belart, Renan Habib, Débora Raposo, Amanda Vilar, Virgínia Martins, I. Clemente, Fabrizio Frontalini, M. Figueiredo, M. Lorini and Lazaro Laut

Benthic foraminiferal seasonality: a case study in the Saquarema Lagoon System (RJ, Brazil)

Jean-Baptiste Champilou, Pia Nardelli, Christine Barras, Frans Jorissen, Aurélia Mouret, Grégoire Maillet, Agnès Baltzer, Ann Murat, Jean-Marc Rousset, Marine Reynaud and Édouard Metzger

Foraminiferal faunas associated to Haploops spp. mats on the Atlantic French coast and effects of a wind farm installation on the area

Emmanuelle Geslin, Constance Choquel, Magali Schweizer and Thierry Jauffrais

Population dynamics of benthic foraminifera in an intertidal mudflat of the French West


Renan Habib, Pierre Belart, Débora Raposo, Amanda Vilar, Virgínia Martins, I. Clemente, M. Figueiredo, M. Lorini and Lazaro Laut

The potential use of life and death Foraminifera and Thecamoebians as bioindicators to environmental and paleoenvironmental studies in Pariba Do Sul River Delta (Campos Basin – Brazil)

Olga Koukousioura, Sofia Georgiou, Maria Triantaphyllou, Margarita Dimiza, Ioannis Michailidis, Elina Aidona, Miltiadis Seferlis, Christoforos Christoforidis and Manolis Evgenakis

Living benthic foraminifera from Thermaikos Gulf, NW Aegean Sea

Mélanie Portela, Maria Triantaphyllou, Margarita Dimiza, Olga Koukousioura, Aristomenis Karageorgis

Environmental monitoring of benthic foraminiferal assemblages in the Saronikos Gulf (Greece, Eastern Mediterranean)

Valeria Luciani and Marco Stefani

Impact of trace elements pollution on the Goro Lagoon (PO Delta, NE Italy) on benthic foraminifera: a comparison between pre-industrial and recent assemblages

Amanda Vilar, Débora Raposo, Renan Habib, Pierre Belart, I. Clemente, L. Fontana, E. Volino, Virgínia Martins, Fabrizio Frontalini and Lazaro Laut

The impact of organic matter quantity and quality on living foraminifera distribution in Itajurú Channel, Araruama Lagoon, Brazil

Yuval Zukerman, Chen Kenigsberg and Sigal Abramovich

The effect of salinity and temperature on growth of Amphistegina lobifera and Peneroplis

Peter Frenzel, Stephanie Fürstenberg, Sascha Fürstenberg, Kate Strachan and Gemma Finch The Recent brackish water foraminifera of South Africa


Session XI – Foraminifera in Quaternary Research

Conveners: Karen Luise Knudsen, Helena Filipsson


Yasmin Bokhari Friberg, Pallavi Anand, Kate Littler, Phil Sexton, Marci Robinson and Masafumi Murayama

Reconstructing Indian Summer Monsoon variability during the Plio-Pleistocene transition.

Anne E. van der Meer, M. Ziegler, and L. J. Lourens

Plio-Pleistocene surface and deep sea temperature reconstructions for the South-West Indian Ocean and Eastern Mediterranean based on clumped isotopes in foraminiferal calcite.

Markella Asimina Louvari, H. Drinia, A. Antonarakou, G. Kontakiotis, V. Frezza and L. Di Bella

Late glacial to Holocene benthic foraminiferal shelf successions from the Central and Eastern Mediterranean Basin: A palaeoenvironmental and palaeobathymetric perspective.

Romana Melis, E. Colizza, A. Polonia, A. Di Roberto and S. Manzan

Micropaelontological evidence for the seismic hazard assessment in the Calabrian Arc (Ionian Sea).

Yvonne Milker, Frans J. Jorissen, Manuel F. G. Weinkauf, Jürgen Titschack, Marc Theodor and Gerhard Schmiedl

Paleo-ecologic and neotectonic evolution of the island of Rhodes (Greece) during the early Pleistocene.

Shuai Zhang, Tiegang Li, Fengming Chang, Haixia Wang and Yiquan Qi

The foraminiferal δ13C records in the western Pacific warm pool during the last four glacial-interglacial cycle.

Eloise Littley, J. Rae, A. Burke, R. Greenop, H. Vogel and D. Thornalley

North Atlantic CO2
change during the rapid climate events of the last glacial period.

Nadine B. Quintana Krupinski, Andreas Mackensen, Yasmin Bokhari Friberg, Karen-Luise Knudsen, Anne-Sophie Fanget, Jeroen Groeneveld, Marit-Solveig Seidenkrantz and Helena L. Filipsson

Marine environmental changes in front of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet during the last deglaciation.

Sev Kender, Ana Christina Ravelo, Melanie J. Leng, Hirofumi Asahi, Julia Becker, Henrieka Detlef, Savannah Worne, George E. A. Swann, Ivano W. Aiello, Dyke Andreasen and Ian R. Hall

Bering Sea intermediate and surface water changes over the Middle Pleistocene Transition (MIS 21–29, 84 – 02 Ma).

Maciej M. Telesiński, Henning A. Bauch and Robert F. Spielhagen

Arctic freshwater routing into the Nordic Seas during late Marine Isotope Stage

Helen K. Coxall, Veronica Carlson, Thomas M. Cronin, Kate Darling and Matt O’Regan

The planktic foraminifera genus Turborotalita
in the Central Arctic Ocean.

Rabecca Thiessen, Anna J. Pieńkowski, Mark F. A. Furze, Alix G. Cage and Naima El Bani Altuna

Foraminifera: a tool for elucidating past and recent climate change in marine Arctic Canada.


Monday 18 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 17:30 – 18:30

Session II – Advances in Foraminiferal Geochemistry

Conveners: Howie Spero, Jelle Bijma


Lennart de Nooijer, Takashi Toyofuku and Gert-Jan Reichart

Foraminiferal calcification and CO2.

Jeroen Groeneveld, S.L. Ho, A. Mackensen, M. Mohtadi, and T. Laepple

Mg/Ca and stable oxygen isotopes in individual foraminifera: Climate or ecology?

Linda Dämmer, Jan Haak, Lennart de Nooijer and Gert-Jan Reichart

Na/Ca in planktonic foraminifera as a proxy for salinity.

Robert Poirier, Reinhard Kozdon, Morgan Schaller and Maureen Raymo

Assessing potential for diagenetic overprinting of climatic signals in benthic foraminifera: Preliminary results.

Rehemat Bhatia,
Bridget S. Wade, David P. Mattey, Wolfgang Müller, David Evans and David J.R. Thornalley

Palaeoecology of Eocene planktonic foraminifera inferred from paired isotopic and trace element signatures.

Muhittin Gormus, Yusuf Kağan Kadıoğlu, Huriye Demircan, Fuzuli Yağmurlu, Gözde Şen, Selda Bulut, Sinan Canbolat, Kıymet Deniz

Geochemical and isotopic data of microborings and tests of the larger benthic foraminifera from the Ankara region, Turkey.

Grit Steinhoefel, Albert Benthien, Jelle Bijma, Markus Raitzsch and Klau-Uwe Richter

In situ
boron isotope analysis on single foraminifera shells by femtosecond LA-ICP-MS with application to the carbonate chemistry of the ocean.

Julie Richey, Caitlin Reynolds, Jennifer Fehrenbacher and Howard Spero

Environmental controls on barium incorporation in planktic foraminifer, Globorotalia truncatulinoides.

Zarkogiannis S., Kontakiotis G., Antonarakou A., Drinia H., Mortyn P.G., Schmidt M.W., Schulbert, C.

Dissolution assessment of surface Atlantic sediments using X-ray micro-computed tomography (μCT)

Schmitt A., Elliot M., La C., Bassinot F., Petersen J., Movellan A.

Singe foraminifera Mg/Ca of G. ruber morphotypes (LA_ICPMS): New insights into past seasonality and inter-annual variability of water column temperatures


Session VIII – Planktonic Foraminifera; a bridge between ecological and evolutionary dynamics in deep time

Conveners: Andy Purvis, Tom Ezard, Isabel Fenton


Poster presentations TBC


Session XI – Foraminifera in Quaternary Research

Conveners: Karen Luise Knudsen, Helena Filipsson


Jennifer E. Hertzberg and Matthew W. Schmidt

Tropical Pacific Mean State and ENSO Variability across Marine Isotope Stage 3: Results from Bulk and Individual Foraminifera Analyses.

Ryan H. Glaubke, Matthew W. Schmidt, Jennifer E. Hertzberg, Lenzie Warner, Franco Marcantonio and Thomas S. Bianchi

Utilizing Individual Foraminiferal Analysis to investigate the history of the El Niño – Southern Oscillation.

Bruna B. Dias, Rut A. Díaz, Thatiele M. de Farias, Manuel Moreira, André Bahr and Ana Luiza S. Albuquerque

Stable carbon isotope gradient of deep-sea benthic foraminifera under different trophic conditions at the Brazilian margin.

Dharma Reyes-Macaya, Gema Martínez-Méndez, Babette Hoogakker, Mahyar Mohtadi, Jorge Cardich, Gerhard Schmiedl, Zeynep Erdem, Daniel McCorkle, Yusuke Yokoyama, Andrea Lückge, Macarena Vergara, Margarita Marchant, Raúl Tapia, Consuelo Martínez-Fontaine, Elisabeth Michel, Giuseppe Siani, Alan Mix, Ricardo De Pol Holz, James Ingle, Dimitri Gutierrez, Osvaldo Ulloa, Laura Farias and Dierk Hebbeln

Stable Isotopic Composition (carbon and oxygen) of Benthic Foraminifera from the Equatorial and South East Pacific.

Andres Rüggeberg, Claudio Stalder, Jorge E. Spangenberg, Jacek Raddatz, David Van Rooij, Sascha Flögel, Wolf-Christian Dullo, Anneleen Foubert and Silvia Spezzaferri

Foraminiferal multi-species stable isotopes for palaeo-water mass reconstruction in the western Mediterranean Sea.

Heather J. H. Johnstone, Stefan Mulitza and Heiko Paelike

Comparison of Mg/Ca in C. wuellerstorfi and Uvigerina spp from a site in the tropical North Atlantic.

Els Ufkes, Kay Beets, Maarten Prins, Martine Hagen, Colin Straathof, Martijn van Dijk, Joost Ruiter, Jesse Rodermans, Martine Hagen, Rineke Gieles and Jan-Berend Stuut

Paleoproductivity proxies in the eastern equatorial Atlantic.

Antje H. L. Voelker, Emilia Salgueiro and Pamela Martin

A Mg/Ca – temperature calibration for Cibicidoides pachyderma within the domain of the Mediterranean Outflow Water.

Emilia Salgueiro, A. H. Voelker, P. A. Martin, A. Alberto, A. Rebotim, T. Rodrigues, D. Zúñiga, M. Froján, F. de la Granda, N. Villacieros-Robineau, F. Alonso-Pérez, R. González-Álvarez, C. G. Castro and F. Abrantes

Calibration of δ18O and Mg/Ca thermometry in planktonic foraminifera: important outcomes to be considered for a costal upwelling region.

Rastislav Čvirik

Analysis of bioerosion on recent Rose Bengal colored benthic foraminifera from Red Sea.

Lóránd Silye, Gerard J. M. Versteegh and Karin A. F. Zonneveld

The effect of a progressive oxygenation front on the Quaternary benthic foraminiferal abundance, diversity and preservation.

Dorothea Bunzel, Katharina Müller-Navarra, Yvonne Milker and Gerhard Schmiedl

Salt-marsh foraminifera as indicators for relative sea level and climate changes in the southeastern North Sea during the past 100 years.

M. Mojtahid, A. Jouini, H. Howa, B. Lansard, E. Michel, O. Péron, A. Baltzer and M. P. Nardelli

Benthic foraminiferal dissolution index for marine sediments in the Svalbard (Storfjorden).


Tuesday 19 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 10:00 – 11:00

Session XII – Advances in Planktonic Foraminiferal Ecology and Population Dynamics

Conveners: Michal Kucera, G-J Brummer


Rehemat Bhatia, Bridget S. Wade, David P. Mattey and David J.R. Thornalley

The mysterious palaeoecology of Eocene planktonic foraminiferal genus Globigerinatheka

Catherine V. Davis, Robert C. Thunell, Karen Wishner

Depth Stratified Planktic Foraminifera Assemblages from the Eastern Tropical North Pacific: Life Above and Below the Oxycline


Evaluating biodiversity changes of calcifying zooplankton in response to multiple stressors since the 1950’s: the FORCIS database

Naima El Bani Altuna

Holger Gebhardt

Campanian to Maastrichtian planktic foraminifera of the Pálava Formation may point to southward flow of boreal waters into the Penninic Ocean

Douglas Lessa, R. Reuter, A. Baumeister, A. L. Albuquerque, M. Kucera

Vertical distribution of planktonic foraminifera across the Subtropical South Atlantic during the Late Summer 2016

Andrew Mair, Kirsty Edgar and Tracy Aze

A Morphometric Study of Planktonic Foraminifera size change at ODP Site 702B over the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum

Meilland, J., Howa, H., Hulot, V., Demangel, I., Terrien, S., Garlan, T.

Modern planktonic foraminiferal assemblages in the Western Barents Sea, from plankton tow to core-top observations

Paul Minton, Bridget Wade, David Thornalley, Melanie Leng, David King

Is Paragloborotalia siakensis a Miocene mixed-layer proxy?

Siri Ofstad, Katarzyna Zamelczyk, Katsunori Kimoto, Melissa Chierici, Agneta Fransson, Tine L. Rasmussen

Polar planktonic foraminiferal tests and carbonate chemistry – a comparison between paleo-proxies and MXCT analysis

Paul N. Pearson, Jonatan Isaksson, Luke Penny, Tom Ezard and IODP Expedition 363

Shipboard Scientific Party

Species and speciation in Pulleniatina (planktonic foraminifera): genetic isolation and ecological confinement.

Stephanie Stainbank, Silvia Spezzaferri, Dick Kroon, Erica S. de Leau and Andres Rüggeberg

A new planktonic foraminifera morphospecies, Globigerinoides eoconglobatus n. sp.

Andreia Rebotim, Antje H. L. Voelker, Lukas Jonkers, Michael Siccha, Michael Schulz, Michal Kucera

Factors controlling the spatial and vertical distribution of living planktonic foraminifera in the subtropical eastern North Atlantic

Manuel F. G. Weinkauf, Agnes K. M. Weiner and Michael Siccha

Reproduction of planktonic Foraminifera: Mathematical modelling complements laboratory and field observations

Session XIV – Foraminifera; Bridging the Gap between ecology and palaeoecology

Conveners: Elisabeth Alve, Bill Austin


Claudia Baumgartner-Mora, Antonino Briguglio, Laszlo Kocsis, Roksana Majewska, Amajida Roslim, Goran Andjic, and Peter O. Baumgartner

Rafting on macro-algae (Sargassum) of symbiont-bearing Larger Benthic Foraminifera, key to their dispersal in recent and ancient oceans

Constance Choquel, Helena Filipsson, Karen Luise Knudsen, Aurélia Mouret, Edouard Metzger, Thierry Jauffrais, Bruno Jesus, and Emmanuelle Geslin

Distribution of benthic foraminifera in Gullmar Fjord (Sweden): comparison between oxic and hypoxic stations.

Elena Romano, L. Bergamin, L. Di Bella, V. Frezza, A. Marassich, C. Provenzani

Benthic foraminifera as proxies of environmental variability in the Orosei submarine cave system (Sardinia, Italy).

V. Frezza, M. Biancone, L. Di Bella, M.A. Baldassarre, P. Bellotti, G. Calise, M. D’Orefice, R. Raffi, C. Tarragoni, and L. Davoli

Benthic foraminiferal assemblage from Natural Reserve of Torre Flavia Marsh (Central Italy).

Robin Fentimen, Andres Rüggeberg, and Silvia Spezzaferri

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages in cold-water coral environments: new insights.

Carles Ferràndez-Cañadell

Symbiosis between serpulids and larger foraminifers in the Eocene.

Patrick Grunert, Ángela García Gallardo, Antje H.L. Voelker, Isabel Mendes, and Werner E. Piller

Re-evaluation of benthic foraminifera as indicators of bottom current strength.

Janine Könen, Martin R. Langer, Herbert K. Dreiner, and Philip Bechtle

Biometric analysis of modern Miliolid benthic foraminifera using high-resolution micro-computer tomography.

Lazaro Laut, M.V.A. Martins, F. Frontalini, M.L. Figueiredo, and M.L. Lorini

Foraminifera and thecamoebians as proxies for the classification of hydrothermal conditions: the experience in Brazilian estuaries.

Durdica Pezelj

Evidence of seasonality in Middle Miocene Central Paratethys shallow marine shelf – recorded by benthic foraminifera.

Filip Scheiner, Katarína Holcová, Rastislav Milovský, Henning Kuhnert

Temperature and isotopic composition of seawater in the epicontinental sea (Central Paratethys) during the Middle Miocene Climate Transition based on foraminiferal Mg/Ca, δ18O and δ13C.

Raquel Bryant, Adriane R. Lam, R. Mark Leckie, Khalifa Elderbak, Chris Lowery, and Amanda Parker

Environmental distribution of foraminiferal morphotypes through the onset of OAE2 in the Western Interior Seaway.


Session XVII – Evolution, Stratigraphy and Geological Crisis

Conveners: Rossana Martini, Roberto Rettori, Sylvain Rigaud


Burgeoini Y.

Lower Cretaceous (Aptian-Albian) sedimentary basin of Essaouira-Agadir: micropalaeontology and Biostratigraphy based on Foraminifera.

Cannings T., Kroon D., Robertson A.H.F., Coletti G., Spezzaferri S., Balmer E., Raffi I.

Geological development and palaeoceanographic implications of Miocene deep-water carbonates of the Polis basin, west Cyprus.

Chroustová M., Holcová K., Hradecká L., Uličný D.

Foraminifera assemblages and lithological variability, Upper Turonian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin.

Consorti L., Boix C., Cruz-Abad E., Nafaieh E., Caus E.

New data on the evolution and systematic of the Superfamily Soritoidea.

Crundwell M. P.

Apertural features reveal new morphospecies and insight into the phylogeny of Truncorotalia and Ggloboconella.

Dameron S. and Leckie M.

Going off the deep end: A review of Jurassic and Early Cretaceous deep-sea benthic foraminiferal evolution.

Gennari R.

Biserial foraminifera in the Messinian Lago Mare of the Western Mediterranean: the tychopelagic lifestyle as a proxy of ephemeral marine connections.

Gilabert V., Arz J. A., Arenillas I., Robinson S. A.

Changes in seawater temperature and carbonate dissolution linked to latest Maastrichtian Deccan eruptions: influence on planktic foraminifera at Caravaca, Spain.

Hernitz Kučenjak M., Premec Fućek V., Krizmanić K., Tadej J., Zlatar S., Matošević M.

Karpatian and Badenian transgressions in Croatian part of the Pannonian Basin System (biostratigraphy and paleoenvironments).

Karoui-Yaakoub N., Grira Ch., Negra M. H., Molina E.

Foraminifera associations of the palaeoenvironment conditions at the Lutetian/Barthonian boundary In the Northeast of Tunisia.


Tuesday 19 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 15:00 – 16:00

Session XIV – Foraminifera; Bridging the Gap between ecology and palaeoecology

Conveners: Elisabeth Alve, Bill Austin


Alix G. Cage and Anna J. Pieńkowski

Comparative analysis of Cassidulina and Islandiella foraminiferal taxa from the Arctic-Atlantic ocean region.

Joicce Dissenha Gonçalves, Sibelle Trevisan Disaró, José Rodolfo Angulo, Luciana Cristina de Carvalho Santa-Rosa

Incrusting foraminifers: are we properly estimating this almost hidden fauna?

John Sebastian Poveda-Hurtado, Fabrizio Frontalini, Martino Giorgioni, Raúl Andres Trejos, Monica Duque, Lina Osorio, Flavia Fiorini, and Andres Pardo-Trujillo

Benthic foraminifera as paleoenvironmental proxies of Miocene Northern Andean uplift (Colombia).

Elena Golikova, Marina Varfolomeeva, and Sergei Korsun

A subarctic salt marsh and its unexpectedly high foraminiferal abundance, White Sea, northern Europe.

Fabricio Guamán-Guevara, G. Kannan, F. Müller, and W.E.N. Austin

Short-term effects of high pCO2 /low pH levels on post-mortem dissolution of benthic foraminifera.

Malarkodi Nallamuthu, C. S. Bhargava Sharma, and S. Chethan Kumar

Palaeocene Foraminifera from the Pondicherry Area, Cauvery Basin, southern India.

Irene Peñalver-Clavel, Hugo Corbí, and Paul Blanchon

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Puerto Morelos fringing reef (Caribbean sea, Mexico).

Kerstin Perner

Exploring the recent temperate to sub-arctic benthic foraminiferal assemblages on the eastern Canadian shelf: the size fraction and sample preparation issue.

Calypso Racine, Jérôme Bonnin, Jacques Giraudeau, Sébastien Zaragosi, and Thierry Garlan

Distribution of living benthic foraminifera in the western Barents Sea.

M.S.S. Jesus, R.R. Oliveira, S.H.M. Sousa, B. Kim, E. Siegle, P.A.L. Ferreira, R.C.L. Figueira, C. Yamashita,M.V.A. Martins

Environmental quality status evaluation based on multiple proxies of the Flamengo Bay (Ubatuba, Brazil) over the last century.

Julia Wukovits, Annekatrin Julie Enge, Max Oberrauch, and Petra Heinz

Combined effects of phytodetritus quality and environmental temperature on carbon and nitrogen cycling in Haynesina germanica.

Cintia Yamashita, Silvia Helena de Mello e Sousa, Naira Yamamoto, Rubens Cesar Lopes Figueira, Marcia Caruso Bícego, and Michel Michaelovitch de Mahiques

Environmental assessment of the south-eastern Brazilian continental slope based on taphonomic processes on benthic foraminifera.


Session XVII – Evolution, Stratigraphy and Geological Crisis

Conveners: Rossana Martini, Roberto Rettori, Sylvain Rigaud


Kendall S., Schmidt D. N., Gradstein F., Ball A., Cunningham J., Jones C.

The origin of planktic foraminifera – novel methods to an old question.

Kranner M.,
Harzhauser M., Mandic O, Piller W., Strauss Ph., Siedl W.

Foraminifera as tool for biostratigraphic cross-correlation of major oilfields in the Vienna Basin.

Nestell G. P., Nestell M. K., Barrick J. E.

Foraminiferal populations in the Kasimovian/Gzhelian boundary transition interval of an Upper Pennsylvanian cyclothem in the lower part of the Graham Formation, North Central Texas, U.S.A.

Rigaud S., Granier B., Martini R., Masse J.-P.

Aragonitic foraminifers: A new type of wall!

Robinson N.
and. Mitchell S. F.

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of mid Eocene Yaberinella from Jamaica and implications for trans-Atlantic migration in the Eocene

Robles-Salcedo R., Vicedo V., Parente M., Caus, E.

A new siderolitid from the late Maastrichian of Italy.

Stulpinaite R.

Taxonomy, test material and environmental analysis of agglutinated foraminifera from the Mergelstetten Formation of the Swabian Alb (SW-Germany).

Tadir R., Ashckenazi-Polivoda S., Abramovich S.

Evolutionary trends of Late Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera species Pseudotextularia nuttalli.

Vicedo V. and Robles-Salcedo R.

The larger foraminifera of the K-Pg transition in Jabal Ja’alan (Oman Mountains).


Session VI – Single-cell genomics of Foraminifera; from organismal interactions to integrative framework

Conveners: Kate Darling, Magali Schweizer


Kate Darling, Raphael Morard, Mattia Greco, Michael Siccha, Michal Kucera

The Antarctic marine plankton diversity hub and the Arctic dead-end

Maria Holzmann, Jan Pawlowski

An updated classification of rotaliid foraminifera based on molecular phylogeny

Andrew Gooday, Maria Holzmann, Clemence Caulle, Aurélie Goineau, Olga Kamenskaya, Alexandra Weber, Jan Pawlowski

The protistan megafauna of the deep sea: new observations on xenophyophores (Foraminifera) in the abyssal eastern Pacific Ocean

Chiara Borrelli, Yubo Hou, Jan Pawlowski, Maria Holzmann, Miriam Katz, Thomas Chandler, and Samuel Bowser

Testing SSU rDNA barcodes in foraminifera: a case study using Bolivina quadrata

Ivan Voltski, Agnes Weiner, Masashi Tsuchiya, Hiroshi Kitazato

Syringammina limosa
sp. nov. and other xenophyophores from the north-west Pacific (the Sea of Okhotsk and Kuril-Kamchatka Trench region)

Ferry Siemensma, Laure Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil, Maria Holzmann, Steffen Clauss, Eckhard Völcker and Jan Pawlowski

Taxonomic Revision of Freshwater Foraminifera with the Description of Two New Agglutinated Species and Genera

Mattia Greco, Raphael Morard, Michal Kucera

Assessing the occurrence and the origin of SSU rDNA Intragenomic polymorphism in Planktonic Foraminifera

Dmitrii Mikhailov, Maria Holzmann, Elena Golikova, Jan Pawlowski, Sergei Korsun

Molecular analyses reveal a paraphyletic origin for Trochamminidae

Magali Schweizer, Théo Marchand, Sophie Quinchard, Laurie Brethous, Julien Richirt, Bruno Bombled, Edouard Metzger, Frans Jorissen, Martial Taillefert, Christophe Rabouille

Comparison between DNA barcoding and morphological identification of foraminifers from oxic and anoxic sites in the Gulf of Mexico

Wojciech Majewski, Aneta Majda, Tomasz Mamos, Michał Grabowski, Samuel Bowser, Maria A. Godoic and Jan Pawłowski

Molecular population structure of Antarctic shallow-water benthic foraminifera: The window to biogeography and dispersal patterns


Session VII – Environmental genomics of foraminifera: From global diversity of foraminifera and beyond

Conveners: Raphael Morard, Jan Pawlowski


Ines Barrenechea Angeles, Raphaël Morard, Michal Kucera, Stefan Mulitza, Jan Pawlowski, and Daniel Ariztegui. Comparing foraminifera microscopic assemblages and environmental DNA in northwestern Atlantic sedimentary cores

Magali Schweizer, Sophie Quinchard, Thierry Jauffrais, Emmanuelle Geslin

What is on the menu of foraminifers from the Bay of Bourgneuf, an intertidal mudflat on the French Atlantic coast?

Marleen Stuhr, Bernhard Blank-Landeshammer, Laxmikanth Kollipara, Claire E Reymond, Albert Sickmann, Michal Kucera, Hildegard Westphal

Proteomics allow novel insights into stress responses of foraminifera and their photosymbionts

Raphaël Morard, Christiane Schmidt, Paul Debray, Javier Del Campo, Franck Lejzerowicz, Yoann Dufresne, Jan Pawlowski and Michal Kucera

Stress-induced modifications of the eukaryotic microbiome in Amphistegina lobifera and Pararotalia calcariformata

17:30 – 18:30 Cushman Reception

21:00 – 00:30 Ceilidh


Thursday 21 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 10:00 – 11:00

Session IX – Foraminifera and ocean drilling; celebrating 50 years of discovery

Conveners: Brian Huber, Paul Pearson, Dick Kroon


McKnight, Mike J., Kirsty M. Edgar, Tom Dunkley-Jones, Carina M. Hoorn, Adam D. Woodhouse

The Impact of Tasman Gateway Opening on Early Paleogene Climate and Oceans: Preliminary findings from IODP Exp. 369

Edvardsen, Trine, Erik Wolfgring, Michael A. Kaminski, Kirsty M. Edgar, Rodrigo do Monte Guerra, Brian T. Huber, Maria Rose Petrizzo, David Watkins and the IODP Expedition 369 Scientific Party

Taxonomic study of agglutinated foraminifera from the Cretaceous southern high-latitude IODP Site U1512 (Great Australian Bight)

Wolfgring, Erik, Trine Edvardsen, Michael A. Kaminski, Kirsty M. Edgar, Brian T. Huber, Rodrigo do Monte Guerra, Maria Rose Petrizzo, David K. Watkins, IODP Expedition 369 Shipboard Scientists

New insights into the paleogeographic evolution of Australian-Antarctica break-up – A high southern-latitude record of Cretaceous agglutinated foraminifera from IODP Site U1512 (Great Australian Bight)

Baranowski, Ulrike,
Tom Dunkley Jones, Kirsty Edgar, Heiko Moossen, Ian Boomer, James Bendle and Stephen Jones

Eocene palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of the Rockall Trough, with a focus on sea surface temperature (SST) proxies

Lübbers, Julia, Wolfgang Kuhnt, Ann E. Holbourn, Clara T. Bolton, Emmeline Gray, Karlos G.D. Kochhann, Nils Andersen

Middle to late Miocene evidences of climate change in the Indian Ocean (IODP Site 1443)

Bogus, K.A., Kender, S., Fox, L.R., and Leng, M.J.

Stable isotopes from Miocene to Pliocene planktonic and benthic foraminifera from IODP Sites U1450 and U1451

King, D.J., B.S. Wade, C.G. Miller, A. Foubert, S. Stainbank, R.M. Leckie, and S. Spezzaferri

The Paragloborotalia mayeri-siakensis Conundrum: New Taxonomic Perspectives

Zhang, Manlin, Dirk Kroon, Laetitia Pichevin, Chilcott Colin, Tereza Kunkelova, Erica de Leau, Andres Rueggeberg, Stephanie Hayman-Stainbank, Silvia Spezzaferri, Jacek Raddatz

The Monsoonal Evolution in the Late Pleistocene from the Maldives

Bubenschhikova, N., Nürnberg D., Schönfeld J., Pavlova G.

Variations in intermediate water properties in the Okhotsk Sea around Last Interglacial based on Mg/Ca ratios and stable isotopes of benthic foraminiferal Uvigerina spp.

Lopes, A., M. Alonso-Garcia, C.N. Rodriguez-Diaz, E. Salgueiro, T. Rodrigues, H. Kuhnert, J. Groeneveld, C. Alvarez-Zarikian, C. Herrero, W. Soares, F. Fatela, A.H.L. Voelker, F.J. Sierro, J.A. Flores, F. Abrantes

Mediterranean Outflow Water changes during the Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene: a benthic foraminifer perspective

Ding, X., Duo Wang, Li Gong, Tao Sheng, Liping Zhou

Glacial-interglacial variations of foraminiferal assemblage characteristics since ~300 ka at two IODP 353 sites

Bubenschhikova, N., Schönfeld J., Nürnberg D.

Paleoenvironmental conditions in the Okhotsk Sea around Last Interglacial

Christensen, B., David DeVleeschouwer, Rebecca Smith, Isla Casteneda, Jorijntje Henderiks, Jeroen Groeneveld, Willem Renema, Kara Bogus, Mark Maslin, Richard W. Murray

Investigating zonal Indian Ocean Circulation: Insights from IODP Site U1463 and ODP Site 1085

Markus Raitzsch, Jelle Bijma, Torsten Bickert, Michael Schulz, Ann Holbourn, Michal Kučera

Atmospheric carbon dioxide excursion following middle Miocene Antarctic glaciation


Session XIII – Foraminifera in Applied Micropalaeontology (Industrial and Academic)

Conveners: John Gregory; Haydon Bailey


Claudia Cetean, Jim P. G. Fenton & David Hulks

Late Jurassic – Early Cretaceous palaeoenvironments in the Flemish Pass Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Kirsty M. Edgar, Maria Rose Petrizzo, Rodrigo do Monte Guerro, David K. Watkins, Trine F. Edvardsen, Erik Wolfgring, Yong-Xiang Li, Carl Richter, Brian T. Huber, Richard W. Hobbs, Kara A. Bogus, Emma M. Hanson and the IODP Expedition 369 Scientific Party

Testing Paleogene planktic foraminiferal biozonation schemes with new sediments from IODP Expedition 369

Thaise R. Freitas, Eduardo Bacalhau & Carla C. Bonetti

An automated method for foraminiferal biomass estimate

Meral Kaya Sari & Deniz Ibilioglu

Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Upper Paleocene sequences in the Sinop Basin, Central Black Sea region, Turkey

Nicoletta Mancin, A. Di Guilio & G. Toscani

Paleogeographic evolution and subsidence analysis from micropalaeontological constraints:

the case of a shared Cenozoic foreland basin.

Kristin McDougall & Adriana Yanet Miranda-Martínez

Transition of the Bouse Formation from a marine estuary to saline lake in the late Miocene to early Pliocene in California and Arizona, USA

Cian McGuire, Mike Rogersonn & Dan Parsons

A foraminiferal solution to the Contourite / Turbidite problem

Michiko Miwa, Yumi Kaneko and Tetsuya Yamamoto

Foraminiferal assemblages application to high resolution reservoir correlation- an example from Miocene Onnagawa Formation, Akita, Japan.

Danuta Peryt, Zofia Dubicka & Ireneusz Walaszczyk

Foraminiferal bioevents within the Turonian-Coniacian boundary interval in Central Europe

Anna Pint, Martin Seeliger, Peter Frenzel, Stefan Feuser, Christopher Berndt, Felix Pirson & Helmut Brückner

The environs of Elaia’s ancient harbour – a reconstruction based on microfaunal evidence

Sadie Samsoondar, Brent Wilson & Lee-Ann C.Hayek

Benthic foraminifera of the inter-fingering Cipero and Nariva Formations, South Trinidad, SE Caribbean

Emma Sheldon, Ulrik Gregersen & Morten Sparre Andersen

Microfossil biostratigraphy of the Cretaceous–Paleocene of recently drilled exploration wells offshore SW Greenland


Session I – Foraminiferal Biology in a Changing World

Conveners: Sue Goldstein; Joan Bernhard


Francesca Caridi, A. Sabbatini, C. Morigi, R.G. Lucchi, A. Bartolini, A. Dell’Anno, D. Dissard, M. Lo Martire and A. Negri

Living benthic foraminifera in the Kveithola Trough, influence of organic matter and hypoxia

Bruna B. Dias, Cátia F. Barbosa, Gabrielle R. Faria, José Carlos S. Seoane and Ana Luiza S. Albuquerque

Phytodetritus disturbances on benthic foraminiferal community of a Western Boundary Upwelling System, Brazil

Fabrizio Frontalini, Maria Teresa Losada, Takashi Toyofuku, Jarosław Tyszka, Jan Goleń, Lennart de Nooijer, Barbara Canonico, Erica Cesarini, Yukiko Nagai, Tetsuro Ikuta, Remi Tsubaki, Stefano Papa, Rodolfo Coccioni, Jelle Bijma and Joan M. Bernhard

Foraminiferal ultrastructure: a perspective from fluorescent and fluorogenic probes

Nicolaas Glock, Julia Wukovits and Alexandra-Sophie Roy

Carnivorous behaviour and predatory strategies of Globobulimina auriculata (Bailey, 1984)

Michael Martínez-Colon and Benjamin Ross

Morphological descriptions of Turbellaria cocoons attached to numerous benthic foraminifers from Apalachicola Bay, Florida

Olugbenga T. Fajemila, Martin R. Langer and Jere H. Lipps

Catalogue of tropical shallow-water benthic foraminifera from Moorea (Society Islands, French Polynesia)

Lyndsey Fox, Tom Hill, Stephen Stukins, Giles Miller and Epi Vaccaro

CHALLENGER REVISITED: Can historical collections provide new insights into anthropogenic climate change?

Christopher W. Smith and Susan T. Goldstein

Effects of selected heavy metals on shallow-water benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Sapelo Island, Georgia and Little Duck Key, Florida (USA): An investigation using the propagule method

Karoliina A. Koho, Iines Salonen, Hidetaka Nomaki, Myrsini Chronopoulou, Dewi Langlet and Masashi Tsuchiya

A comprehensive look on the putative endobiotic community and ecology of deep-sea foraminifera Bolivina subornata


Thursday 21 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 15:00 – 16:00

Session I – Foraminiferal Biology in a Changing World

Conveners: Sue Goldstein; Joan Bernhard


Helena Guerra Alcaide, G.S. Molina, B.B. Dias and A.L. Albuquerque

Opportunistic benthic foraminifera as indicators of changes in organic carbon deposition in the Southwestern Atlantic since the Last Glacial period

Charlotte LeKieffre, Thierry Jauffrais, Emmanuelle Geslin, Karoliina A. Koho, Masashi Tsuchiya, Anders Meibom and Joan Bernhard

Cellular ultrastructure in benthic foraminifera: general observations and focus on kleptoplasts

Giulia S. Molina, Malcolm B. Hart and Christopher W. Smart

Foraminifera of the Fal Estuary (Cornwall)

Fabricio Guamán-Guevara, Fiona Müller, Gunasekaran Kannan and William E.N. Austin

Combined effect of increased temperature and increased pCO2
concentration on benthic foraminifera growth and calcification

Hidetaka Nomaki, Masashi Tsuchiya, Akihiro Tame and Takuya Matsuzaki

Variation in foraminiferal cytoplasm structures and its possible relationships between environmental conditions

Cintia Yamasjhita, Silvia Helena de Mello e Sousa, Thaisa Marques Vicente, Rubens Cesar Lopes Figueira, Nancy Kazumi Taniguchi, Marcia Caruso Bícego, Michel Michaelovitch de Mahiques and Maria Virgínia Alves Martins

Living (rose Bengal stained) benthic foraminiferal in the southeastern Brazilian continental margin


Session X – Deep time records of climate change impacts

Conveners: Ellen Thomas, Daniela Schmidt


Baliniak, W., and Malata, W.

Foraminiferal assemblages across the Paleocene-Eocene transition: a case study from the hemipelagic deposits of the Fore-Magura Thrust Sheet (Polish Outer Carpathians)

Doubrawa, M., Stassen, P., Robinson, M., and Speijer, R. P.

Shelf ecosystems prior and during the PETM

Fung, M. K., Katz, M. E., Miller, K. G., Browning, J. V., Wright, J. D., and Schaller, M. F.

Exploring Early Eocene Hyperthermals on the New Jersey Paleo-Continental Shelf (ODP 174AX)

Gayne, S., Schmidt, D. N., and Thomas, E.

Strategies in times of crisis – the Eocene hyperthermal event 2 (ETM2)

Schmidt, D. N.,
Authier, E., Sanders, D., Ridgwell, A., and Thomas, E.

Strategies in times of crisis – insights into the benthic foraminiferal record of the PETM

Warren, B., Schmidt, D. N., and Lauretano, V.

Benthic foraminiferal response to the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum

D’Onofrio, R., Luciani, V., Giusberti, L., Fornaciari, E., Sabatino, N., and Calderone, G.

The ETM2 in the Tethys realm: planktic foraminiferal dwarfism and upper water column disruption

Giusberti, L., Mancin, N., and Kaminski, M. A.

Bathyal large lituolids from the Thanetian of northeastern Italy and their extinction at the Paleocene/Eocene boundary

Moriya, K., Ishimura, T., Wilson, P. A., Oyama, T., Kino, K., and Kaneko, S.

Assessment of sea surface temperature range in the Eocene with individual planktic foraminiferal isotope analyses

Moura de Mello, R., Leckie, R. M., and Thomas, E.

End Paleocene Benthic Extinction Event: Contrast between the Brazilian Continental Margin and the SW Atlantic Deep Ocean

Nwojiji, C.

Using Biological Trait Analysis (BTA) to understand the intensity of ecological perturbation in the foraminiferal communities across the PETM at Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic Ocean

Peñalver-Clavel, I., Diz, P., Corbí, H. and Mena, A.

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages during the Middle Pleistocene Transition in the East Equatorial Pacific

Piga, E., Pearson, P., Hill, T., and Stukins, S.

How hot is hot? Palaeotemperatures in the Eocene Indo-Pacific Warm Pool

Rivero-Cuesta, L., and Alegret, L.

Benthic foraminiferal assemblages across the Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum at South Atlantic ODP Site 702

Schrader, C., Lauretano, V., Zachos, J. C., and lourens, L. J.

Temperature – carbon cycle interactions during the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum (ODP Site 1263, Walvis Ridge)

Stassen, P., Thomas, E., and Speijer, R. P.

Shelf dynamics during the PETM along the New Jersey Coastal Plain

Suzuki, T., Hayashi, H., Sasaki, O., Matsui, H., and Nishi, H.

Temporal size change of the Middle Miocene index species Paragloborotalia siakensis (LeRoy)

Todd, C., Schmidt, D. N., and Robinson, M.

Foraminiferal reaction to changes in Pliocene Climate

Vahlenkamp, M.,Niezgodzki, I., De Vleeschouwer, D., Bickert,T., Harper, D., Kirtland Turner, S., Lohmann, G., Sexton, P., Zachos, J., and Heiko Pälike, H.

Astronomically paced changes in deep-water circulation in the western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene

van der Weijst, C., Sangiorgi, F., Reichart, G.-J., Peterse, F., and Sluijs, A.

Late Pliocene equatorial Atlantic Ocean temperature reconstructions linked to thermocline depth variability


Session XVIII – Foraminiferal Invasions as a Threat to the Environment

Conveners: Mary McGann; Ahuva Almogi; Martin Langer


Sabbatini, M. Agostini, J. Lattanzio, J. Päßler, F. Caridi, A. Negri and P.G. Albano

A multiproxy approach to understand the Lessepsian invasion of foraminiferal species: The record from two sedimentary cores off the Israeli coast

Gloria Quell, Matthias Nagy, Annekatrin J. Enge, Petra Heinz and Paolo G. Albano

Temporal variations in foraminiferal assemblages at a shallow-water site in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea (Northern Israel)

Akram El Kateb, Claudio Stalder, Robin Fentimen, Stephanie Stainbank and Silvia Spezzaferri

Amphistegina spp. in the Gulf of Gabes (Tunisia, Mediterranean Sea): Distribution of an alien species in response to marine pollution

Guillem Mateu-Vicens, Maria Holzmann, M. Victòria Nadal, Anna Khokhlova, Pere Ferriol,

Samuel Pinya, Antoni Sureda, Silva Tejada, Beatriz Alvira and Pamela Hallock

First occurrence of the large benthic foraminifer Parasorites sp. in the Mediterranean

Mary McGann, Gregory M. Ruiz, Anson H. Hines and George Smith

Ballast sediment as a vector for foraminiferal invasive species introductions: Single- and multiple-source ballasting


Friday 22 June – Poster Session, South Hall, 10:00 – 11:00

Session XVI – Larger Benthic Foraminifera as Historical Archives of Deep Time Changes

Conveners: Antonino Briguglio, Wolfgang Eder, Cesare Andrea Papazzoni

Claudia Baumgartner-Mora & Peter O. Baumgartner

Palaeocene-earliest Eocene Ranikothalia-bearing carbonate palaeo- environments of Costa Rica and W-Panama (S-Central America)

Antonino Briguglio, Stjepan Ćorić & Fred Rögl

Integrated stratigraphy of Burdigalian sediments from the Channa Kodi (Quilon Formation) section of Padappakkara, Kerala, India

Giovanni Coletti, Stephanie Stainbank, Alessio Fabbrini, Silvia Spezzaferri, Anneleen Foubert,

Dick Kroon & Christian Betzler

Micro-CT biostratigraphy: larger benthic foraminifera from the Maldives

Lorenzo Consorti, Christopher Ronald James Kavazos, Cliff Ford, Margaret Smith & David W. Haig

High productivity of Peneroplis including aberrant morphotypes, in an inland pond at Lake Macleod, Western Australia

Laura Cotton & Caitlin Keating-Bitonti

When forams go big: drivers of extreme size in the genus Nummulites

Vasiliki-Grigoria Dimou, Olga Koukousioura, V. Maria Triantaphyllou, D. Margarita Dimiza & George Syrides

The Eocene-Early Oligocene Nummulitids from Greece: a biometric analysis approach

Carles Ferràndez-Cañadell & Telm Bover-Arnal

Oligocene Sorites from the western Tethys. Implications for systematics and paleobiogeography

Szabolcs Attila Kövecsi, Lóránd Silye, György Less & Sorin Filipescu

The facies distribution and a depositional model for the Eocene (Bartonian) Nummulites perforatus banks within the Transylvanian Basin (Romania)

L. Martens, P. Stassen, E. Steurbaut, & R.P. Speijer

Geochemistry of nummulites as proxy for Eocene climate change in the Southern North Sea Basin

Cesare A. Papazzoni, Annalisa Ferretti, Luca Medici, Mona Seddighi & Sorin Filipescu

An unusual nummulite-iron ooid association from the Middle Eocene of Transylvania (Romania)

E.Yu. Zakrevskaya, F.A. Hayrapetyan

Correlation of the Bartonian Larger Benthic and Planktonic Foraminiferal Zonations elaborated in the Armenian sections


Session XV – Advances in Foraminiferal Experimental Studies

Conveners: Sigal Abramovitch, Petra Heinz, Hiroshi Kitazato, Emmanuelle Geslin


Joan Bernhard, Luke Fisher, Megan Reilly, Hayley DeHart, Ann Bucklin, Veronique Le Roux and Pieter Visscher

Can freshwater foraminifera impact stromatolite fabric?

Laurie Charrieau, Helena Filipsson, Yukiko Nagai, Sachiko Kawada, Karl Ljung, Emma Kritzberg and Takashi Toyofuku

Combined impacts of ocean acidification and desalination: culture experiments on the coastal species Ammonia sp. and Elphidium crispum.

Annekatrin Enge and Petra Heinz

How (not) to store foraminiferal cytoplasm before stable isotope analysis.

Thierry Jauffrais, Charlotte LeKieffre, Bruno Jesus, Edouard Metzger and Emmanuelle Geslin.

Kleptoplast distribution, photosynthetic efficiency and cellular ultrastructure over time in the benthic foraminifer, Elphidium williamsoni.

Murtaza Kulaksiz, Anke Oertel and Petra Heinz

Quantitative determination of the physiological stress response of foraminifera by Hsp70 protein analysis in larger benthic foraminifera (Heterostegina sp.)

Haruka Takagi, Tetsuichi Fujiki, Katsunori Kimoto and Kazuyoshi Moriya

Experimental study of growth and photophysiology of Globigerinoides sacculifer to understand host-symbiont trophic interactions

Anna Weinmann, Susan Goldstein, Maria Triantaphyllou, Martin Langer

New insights from propagule experiments in a shallow-water lagoon in Corfu (Greece, Ionian Sea)


TMS Spring Meeting

Conveners: Lyndsey Fox, Kirsty Edgar, Martin Langer


Emma M. Hanson, Kirsty Edgar, Brian Huber, Richard Hobbs, Kara Bogus, Tom Dunkley Jones, and the IODP Expedition 369 Scientific Party

The Impact of Tasman Gateway Opening on Early Paleogene Climate and Oceans: Preliminary findings from IODP Expedition 369

Tanja Kouwenhoven, Maria Tulbure , Walter Capella, Wout Krijgsman , Frits Hilgen , Lucas Lourens

The Messinian salinity crisis from a Rif Corridor perspective

Mary McGann, Brian McGann, Stan Pratt III, Sean Hastings

ForamSampler: Web-Based Microfossil Sampling Data Management Software

Kasper H. Blinkenberg, Emma Sheldon, and Lars Stemmerik

Testing timing of silicification horizons in Danian North Sea chalk using nannofossil biostratigraphy

Lyndsey Fox, Tom Hill, Stephen Stukins, Giles Miller, Epi Vaccaro

Challenger Revisited: Can historical collections provide new insights into anthropogenic climate change?


Session V – Foraminiferal Research Schools: The Past Can Inform the Future

Conveners: Pamela Hallock Muller, Martin Langer


Angélica Ballestros Prada, John Ballestros Prada, Miguel Angel Pagliaro

Didactic strategies for teaching the use of microfossils to children and adults

Luciana Cristina de Carvalho Santa-Rosa, Elis Regina Ribas, Giovanna Rosa Silverio da Silva, Joicce Dissenha Gonçalves, Isabela Santos Kropiwiec, Helenita Catharina Dalla-Lana Forcelini, Sibelle Trevisan Disaró

Foraminifers – single cells with many lessons to offer

Pamela Hallock

Why foraminiferal research became “Geology” and how technology rejuvenated biological studies