An Interdisciplinary Art & Science Project

Ghost (Ammonia beccarri) giclee CT scan   Image credit: Anne Bevan, Dr Ian Butler & Michael Wolchover 2012


As part of FORAMS 2018, conference delegates are invited to take part in Shellscapes – an interdisciplinary art and science project that will begin during the conference in Edinburgh. Delegates are asked to contribute images based on and inspired by foraminifera: these may be drawings, scans, sculptures, photographs, using any form and media. We encourage you to be creative and adventurous!

ALL images submitted will be exhibited as digital projections in the conference buildings.

SELECTED images will be displayed in a range of formats – as printed images or as transfers to ‘float’ in the window spaces. An image will also be selected for reproduction as an art card for inclusion in the delegate packs, as a special reminder of Forams 2018.

It is also the intention that Shellscapes will tour to other venues after the conference; updates on forams-art will be available soon, containing more details of how the images were made.

To see the Shellscapes art gallery please click here.

For more info on Shellscapes please email:

Coordinators:    Anne Bevan       Kate Darling       Clare Bird