The FaB School

EGU Training School in Foraminiferal Biomonitoring

When & Where

22-24 June 2018, University of St Andrews

Registration Fee £125 – To register, please email this form to To pay the registration fee and book accommodation on campus, please click here.

Registration fee includes bussing from Edinburgh (symposium venue), Field excursion to the Eden Estuary tidal flats, Stationaries & use of facilities at the University of St Andrews, Coffee & tea, a local social event on Saturday evening 23 June 2018. Max number of participants 15.

Registration opening: 1st February 2018

Registration deadline: 1st May 2018


The FaB School will offer both theoretical and practical teaching on benthic foraminiferal biomonitoring, and a field excursion to the Eden Estuary tidal flats. Foraminifera have been extensively used to trace changes in the marine environments owing to their fast turnover rates, high degree of specialisation and their preservation in the fossil record. However, their application in biomonitoring studies is novel, as a standardised methodology to investigate how foraminifera respond to human induced stressors in the marine environment (e.g., eutrophication and contaminants from harbours and various kinds of industry) has only been provided recently, following the FOraminiferal BioMOnitoring (FOBIMO) expert workshop in 2011.

The FaB School will take place in St Andrews after the FORAMS 2018 symposium in Edinburgh, and will see the leading experts in foraminiferal biomonitoring introducing participants to various practical and analytical methods. The novelty of the FaB School is that it will offer the experience of the FOBIMO experts for the whole investigation process, from sampling via sample treatment and analyses, to data interpretation, including the calculation of biotic indices (e.g., Foram-AMBI) expressing ecological quality status of marine environments based on the most innovative methods developed by the FOBIMO Initiative. A detailed schedule of the FaB School programme will follow soon.

Programme Committee

Elisabeth Alve, University of Oslo, Norway

Frans Jorissen, Universite’ d’Angers, France

Sergei Korsun, Saint-Petersburg State University

Joachim Schönfeld, GEOMAR, Kiel – Germany

Silvia Spezzaferri, University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Important Information

The FaB School is an EGU training school and support is available for early career scientists with limited funds. To apply for EGU travel grants of £125 each, please tick the appropriate box in the registration form. The Programme Committee will evaluate the applications and directly contact the awardees.