Applied Biostratigraphy

When & Where

23 June 2018, University of St Andrews

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Registration fee includes bussing from Edinburgh (symposium venue), Stationaries & use of facilities at the University of St Andrews, Coffee & tea, a local social event on Saturday evening 23 June 2018. Max number of participants 40.

 Registration opening: 1st February 2018

 Registration deadline: 1st June 2018

 Course Content

To introduce modern concepts, principles and industrial applications of biostratigraphy to geoscientists/paleontologists with no or limited experience of applied biostratigraphy. This is a course about how paleontological information can be employed to find and produce more hydrocarbons cost-effectively and safely. In the hydrocarbons industry, biostratigraphy has four key roles:

  • Biostratigraphy forms the routine basis of correlations from global, through regional and production scales
  • It provides valuable palaeoenvironmental data for facies mapping or reservoir modelling
  • It is a vital component of sequence stratigraphic interpretation – correlation of surfaces and identification of systems tract trends
  • It is a practical tool at well-site to support key drilling decisions – setting casing, determining coring points and TD and “biosteering”

The intention is to demonstrate what kinds of biostratigraphic techniques are available for use in the overall exploration workflow, in operational (drilling) situations and to overcome production challenges. The course demonstrates how to read and evaluate biostratigraphic data and, by applying basic knowledge, maximise the value of that data. Techniques to identify fossil species are not included in this course.

Topics covered:

  • What is biostratigraphy and what is its role in the E&P workflow?
  • Biostratigraphic correlation
  • Reconstructing paleoenvironments
  • Biostratigraphy and sequence analysis
  • Constructing chronostratigraphic charts and enhance prediction skills
  • Operational biostratigraphy

Course Instructors

Mike Simmons, Halliburton, 97 Jubilee Avenue, Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RW

Mike Bidgood, GSS Geoscience Ltd., 2 Meadows Drive, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, AB51 0GA

Mike and Mike have together over 60 years of experience in the commercial applications of biostratigraphy to the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry, from global earth modelling, basin screening, exploration and development to individual field& well studies and wellsite operations. They have variously worked for exploration and operating companies, consulting service companies, universities, government and research agencies. They are currently involved in research into global biostratigraphic standards, basin screening and the applications of machine-learning to large biostratigraphic datasets. In their “leisure” time they are currently investigating the Eocene-Oligocene microfaunas of the Black Sea.